Bobby Darin

What's My Line (1964)

Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin (Heart Fund Ambassador) appeared on What's My Line on February 9, 1964. With the rest of the panel, which consisted of Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen and Bennett Cerf, Bobby's job was to guess the occupation of each contestant.

Theme song, Bobby's introduction and his greeting. Audio

The first contestant, introduced by host John Daly was Mystery Guest Johnny Mercer, who's musical Foxy was about to premiere on Broadway.

Everyone was stumped, and Mr. Mercer's identity was revealed. Bobby was especially surprised, since he had made an album with Johnny.

The program was filmed live on a history making night, right next door to The Ed Sullivan Show where the Beatles were making their first appearance on Ed's show. Many references were made to them, and one of the contestants on the show was Irv Kantor, Vice President of Lowell Toy Company, who made the "Beatle Wig." (It retailed for $2.98.)

Thank you to Ronnie Diamond Orston, daughter of Herbert Diamond, President of Lowell Toy Company, for this information about her uncle Irv Kantor.

The final contestant was Mystery Guest Jane Fonda.

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