Bobby Darin Live!

April 17, 2000: Legends of Entertainment Announcement

Ann Douglas of The Legends of Entertainment has announced that they have made arrangements for Questar, Inc. to distribute the Bobby Darin Live! video in the United States and Canada. The new release of Bobby's last recorded performance will be re-titled Mack Is Back!

It is scheduled to hit the stores on video in April or May of this year. Later this year, Questar plans to make the show available on DVD, most likely with added material.

We are all happy about this partnership, as it will make the show more widely available to Bobby's fans as well as giving new audiences a better opportunity to discover him.

Thank you Ann for sharing the following announcement!

Spring 1999: The Legends Of Entertainment Releases Bobby Darin Live

From Ann Douglas@ The Legends Of Entertainment: "GREAT NEWS! The long anticipated video BOBBY DARIN LIVE! is now available. It is a 71 minute long one-man concert taped in March of 1973 that showcases Bobby's versatility, talent and stamina. It includes his hits, folks songs and standards - and a knock-out performance! And for those of you who have a crummy bootleg copy of this show (oh yes, I've heard), let me assure you that this is high-quality and includes a bonus song you don't have.

We know that some of you will be disappointed to learn that Peggy Lee does not appear in this show, but please try to understand that the show itself and its release is a tribute to Bobby."

Ann Douglas
The Legends Of Entertainment

Click here for a list of all the songs on this tape!

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