Chaz Esposito's "MACK THE KNIFE"..The Musical

The Life And Music Of Bobby Darin

Go Back in time when Bobby Darin captured American's hearts with songs like Splish Splash, Dream Lover, Beyond The Sea and Mack The Knife

"You Can Feel Bobby In The House"

I was invited to a SOLD OUT performance of the New Musical "MACK THE KNIFE".....The Life and Music Of Bobby Darin. I am happy to say it was a pleasant experience. Being quite knowledgeable of the career, the life and music of Bobby Darin, I was a little concerned I might be too critical of this play. Right from the get go, anyone could tell that this presentation by Chaz Esposito (Bobby Darin) was more than acting, it was a labor of love. Teamed with narrations from J.H. Torrance Downes helps move this biography of music ever so smoothly. Along with a superb accompaniment of music under the direction of Jim Haddon made this show a delight. Also through the magic of video the audience gets to hear and see Steve Blauner (Bobby's long time manager) and Mr. Las Vegas himself Wayne Newton tell stories of Bobby, which tied this whole presentation together. At one point, the band is wailin', Chaz is singing and the audience was clapping in time to Mack The Knife, I felt Bobby was in the house! Bravo Chaz!
I give you 5 SHARK BITES!
-Jimmy Scalia-

Outside the Lincoln Theater in New Haven Conneticut.
From L to R:
Chaz Esposito, Jimmy Scalia, Jim Haddon

Steve Blauner as he appears through the magic of video in: MACK THE KNIFE.....The Musical

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