Max Allan Collins

Darin Fan, Author and Filmmaker

Author and independant film producer, Max Allan Collins, has been a Bobby Darin fan since 1958. Collins is one of the publishing industry's leading authors of movie tie-in novels, including the international bestsellers In the Line of Fire (Jove, 1993), Maverick (Signet, 1994), Waterworld (Boulevard, 1995), Daylight (Boulevard, 1996), Air Force One (Ballantine, 1997), and Saving Private Ryan (Signet, 1998). He has written two original NYPD BLUE novels for Stephen Boccho and Signet Books, Blue Beginning (1995) and Blue Blood (1997).

Collins has earned an unprecedented seven Private Eye Writers of America "Shamus" nominations for his "Nathan Heller" historical thrillers, winning twice for True Detective, 1983 and Stolen Away, 1991). The new Heller novel, Flying Blind explores the most famous mystery of the twentieth century, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. His previous Heller novel was Damned in Paradise (1996), the story of Clarence Darrow's last case.

Cover of Ms Tree Comic Book

As a tribute to his lifetime hero, Max wrote a biography about Bobby Darin in 1983. It appeared in his P.I. comic-book feature MS. TREE, which was co-created with his friend, talented artist Terry Beatty in 1986. Below are some images from the bio in the publication. Max's story was illustrated by Terry ... yet another Darin fan.






Max also wrote about Bobby in a interesting book entitled Celebrity Vampires(Daw books, 1995). The short story is called "Traces of Red."

Cover of Celebrity Vampires

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