Bobby Darin Bio Movie (???)

NOTE: This news is very outdated and only posted for historical purposes.

According to an October 9, 1997, widely reported story from Tribune Media Services Inc.:

" Barry Levinson says he's so busy with post-production on "Dog and Sphere" -- plus continuing to oversee production on his "Homicide" series -- that he's not concentrating on future projects.
He does say, however, that his long-planned, big-screen Bobby Darin biopic could be his next project, if he irons out problems in the script about the life of the singer who died in 1973 at the age of 37.

"I've got half a script that pleases me," he says. "The problem comes when we get into the latter part of his life. He's ill, getting bitter, kind of drifting. He gets a divorce from Sandra Dee.
I don't want the movie to wind down on a terrible low note. I'm going to tackle the problem again and see what I can do."

He's been trying to lick that problem for about 10 years."

(NOTE: The word is Johnny Depp and Drew Barrymore are still scheduled to play the leads.
But according to Depps fan page, production on the film must be underway by the end of the year or the rights will expire.)

(Special thanks to Andy and Bridget for finding the above article!)


Many of us feel Darin is more than worthy of more recognition and a good bio-pic would most assuredly do that.
PLUS, as we have heard so much in the past, a movie would get the companys who are holding Darin material (Capitol, Atlantic, etc.) to release more of it on CD and even video.
So, lets keep our fingers crossed!!!

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