Bobby Darin

"Oddballs Need Not Apply"

 picture from the article

This article appeared in the November 1960
issue of Screen Album Magazine.

One Saturday night last June, Bobby Darin, working at the Copacabana in New York, did a thousand dollars more business than Frank Sinatra, who'd held the previous record.

Bobby's always said he wanted to be as big a star as Frank, but not even he expected to make it by the time he was 24. He's been a boy in a hurry, the kid from the Bronx, who grew up with the smell of poverty, and who was determined to leave it behind him.

40% of his childhood pals landed in jail; he was luckier. He was smart, he was talented, he taught himself to sing, play piano and drums, and "God and my mother led me right." Call him cocky, and he says sure. "My idea of humility is what your insides are made of, not what you project. Would you want me to dupe you and say I love this one and that one, this thing and the other thing, that the world's a wonderful place when down deep I think it's in pretty rotten shape? That would be humility, but counterfeit!"

Saying what he thinks hasn't held Bobby back. "I'll never have any entourages, or hangers-on," he says. "I'd rather enjoy five or six people for the rest of my life than be disappointed by a lot of oddballs in this business.

I don't drink. If I weren't in this business, I wouldn't be in a nightclub twice a year." Bobby's on his way out of tbe clubs and into the movies--"the real glamour is in the movies"--with a picture, "Come September" which will cast him opposite Sandra Dee.

But what about his leading lady in real life? She's been, Jo Ann Campbell, a singer, for more than two years, yet you still can't make book on wedding bells. You'll read one story that says he's given her an engagement ring, and another that has her saying, "What engagement ring?"

A magazine article claimed that Bobby had heart trouble, and perhaps shouldn't marry at all. "I always had the feeling I'd die young," the article quoted him as saying. We hope the article's crazy.

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