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Name: Dave King
Hometown: Phoenix
Favorite Bobby Darin song "After Today"
Sent: 3.36 PM - 12/30 2003

Hi fellow Darin Lovers,
So happy to see that the Bio on Bobby is in full swing. Over the years, as you all know, Bobby's recording have been lavishly used in the Movies. Now thank God he will be the subject of the movie. Hopefully this will gain Darin many new fans, and propel his already iconic status somewhere towards Jupiter!

Name:Stephen Barnes
Hometown: Taunton UK
Favorite Bobby Darin song I'll be there
Favorite Bobby Darin movie State Fair
Sent: 8.24 AM - 12/26 2003

Bobby is having a resurgence this side of the Atlantic too, endless music is played on introductions for tv programmes on the BBC. Came to the States last year and had to visit Bobbys star on the walk of fame on Vine Street. What a great site I only hope it grows. It is just a great shame the Lord takes the good ones first

Hometown: Leeds UK
Sent: 4.46 AM - 12/26 2003

Just listening to Bobby singing on Gold Radio and thought I would check out your web site.

Best Wishes from Everyone at the Eddie Rambeau Web Site.

Name:Vince Staskel
Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY
Favorite Bobby Darin song Mack the Knife
Favorite Bobby Darin movie State Fair
Sent: 10.09 AM - 12/22 2003

I am a big fan of Michael Seth Starr and I can't wait for his bio on Bobby. Bobby Darin's huge talent is still missed today. It is a great benefit to all of us that he is now back on top today. Bobby died way to young.

Name:Linda Piccone
Sent: 2.18 AM - 12/18 2003

Happy 30th Birthday in Paradise!! We still love you!

Name:david a. therrien
Hometown: montreal Qc,canada
Favorite Bobby Darin song mac
Sent: 8.14 PM - 12/9 2003

one of the truly great one.

Hometown: New York City
Favorite Bobby Darin song Impossible to pick just one!
Favorite Bobby Darin movie Come September
Sent: 10.55 AM - 12/3 2003

Move over Frank and Sammy! After seeing the PBS station in NY run the Mack is Back concert, I realize Bobby Darin is in a class by himself. I have been a fan since my teens but now have a much deeper appreciation in adulthood of his talent. I am glad to have found your website and will keep it bookmarked. It is a wonderful and thoughtful tribute to an amazing and gifted man. I look forward to the Kevin Spacey movie which should bring even more fans into the fold. I hope Dodd will stay in touch with the fans through the website as this project unfolds. It sounds like a true labor of love for all involved. Bobby's early death is a tragedy for us all, look what he accomplished before the age of 40, we can only imagine what he would have done if he were still with us today!

Name:Kati Schuster
Hometown: Sisseln Switzerland
Favorite Bobby Darin song Dream Lover and many more
Sent: 11.27 AM - 11/30 2003

I started to know Bobby Darin official last year. I knew some songs, but I didn't know the name. And now, I can't get enough from Bobby and his fabulous music. Thank you Bobby, you are forever in my heart with your music. Thanks to Darren Romeo, he sings some songs of Bobby in his show.

Name:Linda Piccone
Hometown: Flagstaff
Favorite Bobby Darin song All of them
Favorite Bobby Darin movie State Fair
Sent: 12.04 AM - 11/25 2003

Happy Thanksgiving Bobby!!!! We Luv Ya!!

The Piccone's

Name:Andrew Jordan
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Favorite Bobby Darin song Beyond the Sea, Mack the Knife,
Sent: 9.54 PM - 11/14 2003

Most people my age have no respect for the wonderful musicians of the past - modern music has no appeal for me, soul-less as it is...Luckily, when I was young my father played all the greats of old - Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Herman's Hermits, and the like. While there are others with the raw talent of Mr. Darin, there are few that have the panache, energy, and dedication to music that he possessed. Rest in Peace, Mr. Darin - on behalf of a new generation of Bobby fans, I salute you!

Name: Mark
Hometown: Waukesha, WI
Favorite Bobby Darin song Too many to list, but good ol 'Mack' always hits the spot! Also love his 'Skylark', 'A Nightingale Sang...' and 'Blue Skies' (w
Favorite Bobby Darin movie Believe it or not, I have not seen ONE film yet!!!
Sent: 1.38 AM - 11/5 2003

Hello everyone and especially to Linda ~ This website is a wonderful tribute to an amazingly talented man!!! I echo Pami's sentiments and words below - I actually cultivated more of an interest in Mr. Darin through my appreciation of Kevin Spacey (my favorite actor). I am immensely excited that Mr. Spacey is making the film of Darin's life...and I couldn't think of a better actor to portray Bobby Darin!
Anyhow, I am a 29 year-old actor and performer in the Milwaukee area. I unfortunately am too young to have been alive when Darin was here on earth (in fact, he passed away in December 1973, and I was born in November of 1974). I have frequently been complimented for my rousing 'kareoke' rendition of Bobby Darin's 'Mack the Knife'. I normally don't like to do kareoke, but a friend literally pushed me up there one night and told me to sing 'Mack' because she KNEW I could do it justice - at least, compared to others who had previously attempted it! Hahaha! In fact, I just won a trip to Vegas for one of my performances of this song! One evening, an older woman came up to me and told me that I reminded her a lot of Mr. Darin. It almost brought me to tears. I know that sounds very ridiculous, but honestly, I couldn't imagine a GREATER compliment. Bobby Darin, his talent, and his life have always been a tremendous inspiration to me. In fact, he is one of those artists who 'taught' me to sing...I don't think I would be doing it now had I not religiously listened to him and 'studied' his style. He was one of the truly original 'hep cats' and I am very, very proud to be a fan.
I don't want to prattle on too much - and perhaps I will pop in again and tell you more...I just wanted to congratulate Linda on such a beautiful job. I am excited that I stumbled upon this site and plan to visit often. I can't get enough of this guy! He's one of the best and always will be. I'm not sure if Dodd Darin or anyone from Bobby Darin's family reads these, but if you do - thank you for sharing what you have of Mr. Darin and his life here. I have the utmost respect for you and wish you the greatest of God's blessings in life. It is the least I can do as a Darin fan in return for the gifts he has 'given' to me these past few years!
(by the way, Pami, I completely back up your words regarding Kevin Spacey's integrity and dedication re: the biopic.)
Thanks and best to all ~ Mark

Name: wim van den Berge
Hometown: The Netherlands (Europe)
Favorite Bobby Darin song Nature boy
Sent: 4.00 AM - 10/31 2003

I always love Bobby Darin ! You've must have been a beautiful baby.

Name:Dan Carlucci
Hometown: Los Banos,CA
Sent: 12.10 PM - 10/30 2003

Hi, I really liked this site. I appreciate that someone has taken the time to honor Mr. Darin in such a way. I was born in 1968, so I can't say that I remember him when he was alive, but my father always loved his music. My father passed away years ago, but evertime I hear a BD song, it brings with it only pleasent memories, I'm glad to say. I watched the PBS special about his life a few years ago, and I have been a big fan ever since. I was simply amazed by the pure heart and soul that he had, and it showed in every note that he sang. I can't say enough about him, and he has been a real inspiration in my musical career as well. Thanks again for the site.

Name:paul barker
Hometown: manchester england
Favorite Bobby Darin song various
Favorite Bobby Darin movie not seen any
Sent: 11.24 AM - 10/4 2003

just that every song i have heared is the tops

Name:Joan Noeldechen
Hometown: Bayshore
Favorite Bobby Darin song This Isn't Heaven
Favorite Bobby Darin movie Captain Newman, MD
Sent: 8.39 AM - 10/4 2003

I remember seeing Bobby Darin on television as a young girl. He was a special man and one of the greatest talents of his time. He could do anything well and possessed the charisma of the greatest entertainers. I feel he wasn't as appreciated as he should have been. It took great courage for him to face life each day. I have nothing but respect for this man. Blessings.

Name:Donna J. Metcalfe
Favorite Bobby Darin song beyond the sea
Sent: 7.25 PM - 10/1 2003

my favorite all-time singer

Hometown: Andover, MA
Favorite Bobby Darin song Too many to list!
Sent: 11.56 AM - 9/19 2003

I'm 31 years old and I've just recently become a Bobby Darin fan because of my Kevin Spacey fandom. Kevin is my favorite actor and when I heard that he was directing, producing, and starring in a biopic on Bobby Darin, I was very curious about the man and started to do research on him. Of course, I was familiar with his hits such as "Mack the Knife" and "Dream Lover" but I was not prepared to discover just how multi-talented and underrated he truly was. I recorded the "Mack is Back" special from PBS last month and was absolutely blown away by his performance and even more amazed to learn that he was very ill at the time that concert was recorded. The singing, the shimmery dance moves, his dead-on impersonations, comedic quips, and master of several instruments were all qualities that Elvis and Sinatra couldn't aspire to, in my opinion. Every day I am learning something new about Bobby Darin that astounds me, and it is so inspiring that he accomplished so much in his short life. He's one of the few singers who was so passionate in his renditions that you can actually visualize his songs and him singing - the first time I heard "Clementine" I got chills. When I listen to archived interviews and clips from his TV show, I laugh out loud.
I'd like to let all Darin fans know that as a Spacey fan, I have full confidence that the movie will be a class act. Kevin has been passionate about making the world aware of Bobby's life and talent and has been dedicated to perfecting his singing skills and nailing Bobby's persona. My hopeful prediction is that the movie will spark a lot of media interest in Bobby and create new fans. He was such an enormous talent and he deserves a lot of overdue recognition. God bless Bobby D.! And P.S. I do hope episodes from The Bobby Darin Amusement Company are released to video and DVD someday.

Name:Michael Starr
Sent: 6.07 PM - 9/3 2003

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've just signed a deal with Taylor Publishing to write a new biography of Bobby that will be published next year. I've written bios of Art Carney, Peter Sellers and Joey Bishop.


Michael Starr
TV Columnist
The New York Post

Name:jeff seiverling
Favorite Bobby Darin song Clementine or nightengale sang in Barkely Square
Sent: 9.55 PM - 9/1 2003

I love to sing along to the radio while on my mail route.A station i like plays 40 s = 50 s kind of stuff.Bobby Darrin was one of my favorites,he could really belt it out.E-mail me back Do you know how I could be in singing contests? Contact back

Name:Marguerite E. Smolen
Sent: 2.07 AM - 8/24 2003


Name:Jackie D
Hometown: Amarillo, Tx
Favorite Bobby Darin song Mack The Knife, All of them really
Favorite Bobby Darin movie So many, they're all good.
Sent: 5.05 PM - 8/21 2003

One of the greatest perfomers!! I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to listen and watch Bobby. Very, very talented. In his short time he just BLEW us all away! His music is and always will be a classic!

Name: Larry
Hometown: Jefferson Twp, NJ
Favorite Bobby Darin song Mack the Knife
Sent: 3.08 PM - 8/21 2003

My daughter and I danced our first dance to "Mack the Knife" at her wedding recently! It was a huge hit -- we sang it to each other as we danced and everyone clapped to the beat. It got us all in the mood for a great time during the reception. Thanks, Bobby!!

Favorite Bobby Darin song MACK THE KNIFE
Sent: 7.06 AM - 8/11 2003


Hometown: Yakima Wa.
Favorite Bobby Darin song Beyond The Sea
Favorite Bobby Darin movie State Fair
Sent: 8.08 PM - 7/21 2003

Bobby was a real talented guy and it's too bad that he died so young.

Name:Frederick C. Gross
Hometown: decatur.ind
Favorite Bobby Darin song clemintine
Favorite Bobby Darin movie hellisforhero's
Sent: 12.37 AM - 7/21 2003

Thanks to Bobby for the direction of the Master
performer! I've won some singing contests doing
Darin's Things. What a great Example. Singserly,
Freddie G.

Hometown: ceres
Favorite Bobby Darin song mack the knife
Sent: 10.00 PM - 6/28 2003

Name:DarinFan ( Unknown)
Sent: 7.00 PM - 6/26 2003

I agree with David King's post. I listened to the interview on the web site of Karmen and he comes off as a guy with "Pete Best syndrome". He admits in the interview he couldn't do the arrangement as Darin invisioned it and that he wasn't a great musician. Darin was the type of guy to learn what he had to learn and to seek out people as mentors and hustle,hustle,hustle. That's what the music industry demands even of the lowliest performer and we know Darin had bigger plans than that. I think we've all been in a position where you need someone who can do the job,it's not personal . I think it comes down to two very different people ;one with the drive and vision to make it happen and one guy who just didn't understand what the business demands and Karmen was the latter and that's what happens. Plus I just read this in the book Charlotte Gray:"The more you came to know a place ,the more it lost it's essence and became defined by its quirks and shortcomings;the suggestion of something meaningful was usually available with full force only to the first-time visitor." On some level we all have experienced going back home and they want to stick you back in the old box , either people support you and realize how far you've come or they don't understand the new you and the "new" experiences you've gone through. Also,If you have money you're supposed to give it all away --the same people who demand fameous people do this and that or behave a certain way won't pick up litter or volunteer even an hour of their time to "the neiborhood". The fact that you've made sacrifices, you've done the work they couldn't or wouldn't do themselves seems to escape them but they want a piece of what you have, period. Darin at a young age knew what it was going to take and I think Karmen realized too late but can't concede this point so he tries to make Darin's achievements smaller, in my opinion.

Hometown: Boston,Mass
Favorite Bobby Darin song early in the morning, If I were acarpenter
Favorite Bobby Darin movie all of them
Sent: 5.21 PM - 6/16 2003

Many years ago, than I care to remember, when I was 20 and stranded in downtown Boston late at night, Bobby gave me a ride to my home in the suburbs. He was very nice, a perfect gentleman. And better looking in person than any of his photos. I cried when I heard of his passing but never dreamed he had such a difficult life until I read several books about him, including Dream Lovers (an excellent book) recently. I miss him even now - Bobby was 3 years older than I. I am looking forward to the movie, but with reservations, because of the sadness in his life. I hope they dwell on his magnificant successes.I would like to hear from anyone who is interested in writing. Take care.

Name:bev faulhaber
Hometown: cleveland ohio
Favorite Bobby Darin song: mack the knife
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: all of them
Sent: 4.43 PM - 5/30 2003

clay aiken whom was on the american idol show this year sang bobbys mack the knife song, and he reminded me so much of bobby when he was young. it literally gave me chills. maybe just maybe bobby saw it too. its was awesome just as bobby was. i miss him. oxoxox bev

Name: David King
Hometown: Englewood,NJ
Favorite Bobby Darin song: After Today
Sent: 11.58 AM - 5/22 2003

Hi Folks,
Thanks to Linda for making this such a wonderful web site tribute to Darin!!! I don't know~ went to Barnes and Noble today and read a couple of pages out of Karmen's new book. He doesn't come off as a good bio writer and his claim to fame is " I Love New York". I'm not negating Karmen's talents as a jingle writer, but when you compare what Darin did in such a short amount of time with such an enormous amount of talent, my hands just sort of let the book fall to the floor. I mean it isn't a sellacious book in anyway from the few pages that I read, but why don't we just listen to Bobby's "After Today" or "Once in a Lifetime" and then you begin to realize Darin's zest for life and yes, his unforgettable contributions to the world of entertainment. And lets face it folks, Darin was the last of a breed of entertainer who could do just about anything.
David King

Name:Seven Black
Hometown: Portland ORegon
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Mack The Knife
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Captain Newman, M.D.
Sent: 5.35 PM - 5/21 2003

This is a fabulous find !!! .. I have heard bits and pieces of the Spacey movie over the years, but nothing concrete. To find this website is very very exciting. I remember as a little boy *I am 40 now, born in 1962* listening to the great vocalists as my mother played them on our console stereo... The Kingston Trio, Nat "King" Cole, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and, of course, Bobby Darin. My next cognizant memory of Mr. Darin came while I was in the U.S. Navy during the early 80's, and the fad of "lip sync" contests swept the country. I have been involved in theater and entertaining almost all of my life, and I naturally became a "performer" in this entertainment genre. As I am not a "dancer" I looked for a song that built to a great climax but was a "vocal" all the way through the number. I hit upon Bobby's "Mack The Knife". I was enthralled. I signed up for a lip-sync contest at the base enlisted club where I was stationed, even going so far as to go out and buy a used tuxedo to perform in. Well, that first contest was phenomenal. The audience went wild for the song, and I placed first *winning $50.00, a huge amount of money for a 20 year old 3rd class petty officer...* I went on to continue competing for years in lip sync contests, and using "Mack The Knife" for almost every one. I remember a particular contest that I competed in in San Diego, CA. that was hosted by the morning personalities of KGB Radio *at the time, a "classic rock" formatted radio station*. Well, there were 18 other contestants, everyone of them "performing" songs in the genre of WhiteSnake, Led Zeppelin, etc. I was the ONLY contestant doing an "oldie" much less dressed in a tuxedo. At any rate, I count this as one of my greatest victories, not because of the prize involved *but a nice one,, a Fender Strato-caster electric guitar and floor amp* but because at the end of the contest, all of these "heavy metal" rockers and DJ's selected "Mack The Knife" as the winner. *one of the dj's even told me that it was the most outrageous win they had witnessed to date, especially since the song would never be played on their station due to formatting..)
Well, regardless of all of this, I naturally began doing a lot of research *as much as I could with the limited resources availabe* on Bobby Darin. I eventually even used other songs in contests, still winning with "Clementine", "Beyond the Sea", and even "Artificial Flowers". I used to have Bobby's rendition of "Gyp The Cat" but lost it somewhere along the way *anyone out there know where I can get it??*
But the shining, crowning moment came when I competed in a contest held at "The Hop" in Fountain Valley, CA. with Lesley Gore, Chubby Checker, Bill Medley *one of the owners at the time* and a morning jock from one of the L.A. stations and I won 5.000.00 cash. And even aside from the money (which was GREAT) Ms. Gore approached me after the contest and said, "I knew Bobby, and you were even BREATHING in the right places!" After that, I was on a mission to find a video of Bobby performing Mack The Knife. I finally did, Billboard put out a video of "Rock'n'Roll Heaven" of greats who had passed on, and I finally got to see my idol perform the song for the first time. I was floored. It was uncanny, because almost everythiing Bobby did in the performance *stance, staging, audience eye contact, etc* was what I was doing. My then wife at the time just looked at me wide-eyed, in shock (she had been my 'stage manager' so to speak when we got married).
Well, that being said, I have already bookmarked this site on my "favorites" list, and hope to hear from a lot of Darin fans in the next few weeks.

Feel free to e-mail me at "". Please put something "Darin-ish" in the subject line as I do delete a lot of *spam* from unknown authors. *S*

Steven Black

Name:Garry "Edwards" Fedele
Hometown: Hermitage,Tn
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Beyond the Sea
Sent: 5.25 AM - 5/21 2003

I have always thought of Bobby Darin as a fabulous all around entertainer.Mr. Sinatra could deliver a song like no one else but,Bobby took the song from creation to another level for me as a listener. I've always just loved the way he expressed himself in between the lyrics with a yell or a grunt, you could tell that he was having fun, feeling it and you couln't help but feel the music youself!! Being a songwriter myself here in Nashville and growing up in show business, I've sort of rediscovered Bobby's music and can't take a road trip with out briging a Bobby Darin collection along.

Name:Frederick C. Gross
Hometown: Townda, Pa. 18848
Favorite Bobby Darin song: The Curtian Falls
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Hell is for Heros
Sent: 8.47 AM - 5/15 2003

The greatest musical talent ever taking everything into
consideration. I win a lot of singing contests doing
Bobbies renditions!

Name: roberta
Hometown: leeds,england
Favorite Bobby Darin song: as long as i'm singing, once upon a time etc,etc
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: pressure point
Sent: 9.54 AM - 5/13 2003

hi, this website is brilliant. I've been a big fan of Bobby Darin for a quite a while now. I just wish there was more of Bobby's recordings etc to buy where I live. I share my birthday tomorrow with Bobby, only I was born on the day Bobby celebrated his last birthday. Anyway, I think Bobby was a great singer and a brilliant actor. Thanks again for the website. Looking forward to Kevin Spacey's film.

Name: David King
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Rainbow 'round my shoulder
Sent: 10.25 AM - 5/1 2003

Hi fellow Darin fans,
Hope all of you have gotten Volume 7 of the Judy Garland show. There are two outakes with Bobby and Judy. What a joy to see in pristine condition!!! I think that Kevin SPacey will do a marvelous job in the role of Bobby. And being the penultimate actor that Kevin is, he might even lay down some singing tracks for the movie. Although of course I agree that Bobby's own voice should be heard on all of the vocal tracks. I've always thought of Spacey as our Actor's actor in that he can make any part seem believable so here's to Kevin! I hope that they do focus more on the music than on trials and tribulations. I think the theme of the movie should be: Here was a multi-faceted talented man who knew damn well that his time was limited but sure as hell made the most of his time here on earth!! Perhaps this will bring Bobby's music to generation xy and maybe even z.
David King

Hometown: Sydney - Australia
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Mack the knfe / Beyond the sea / Dream lover
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: I enjoyed all his movies
Sent: 1.49 AM - 4/25 2003

So happy to hear that there is finally a movie being made , about Bobby Darin's life (and times). Hope that Kevin does not try to sing Bobby's songs , as I couldn't stand it. Please mime the songs, Kev ???. It is a shame that Dodd Darin isn't an actor, as he'd fit the bill perfectly .....sooooo good looking , and resembles his Dad a lot . Do hope that Dodd, Sandy and Bobby's family are able to have an input into the movie and that everyone is satisfied with the final outcome . We as fans, like to hear the truth !Really looking forward to seeing the movie in the near future, and wish everyone well, in the making of it.....kind regards...Narelle

Hometown: Moscow- Russia
Favorite Bobby Darin song: all
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: all
Sent: 2.37 PM - 4/8 2003

i am 21 old and i LOVE bobby so much!!!! He is BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

Name:Raymond Dondero
Hometown: Hoboken,N.J.
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Beyond the Sea
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Pressure Point
Sent: 8.46 AM - 4/4 2003

I am overjoyed that this movie about one of the greatest entertainers EVER, is finally going to be produced.I saw him countless times and had the pleasure of meeting him "up close and personal" as they say.In fact,I have several photographs of Bobby in one of his final concerts; the one in Central Park when he was taking Dodd on a tour of his heritage in New York and New Jersey.Keep up the good work!

Name:Mitchell Jay Peck
Favorite Bobby Darin song: As Long as Im singin', Mack the knife, Dream lover, Beyond the sea
Sent: 2.44 PM - 4/3 2003

Hey, this is one kool site .. i love bobby darin

Name:David King
Hometown: Englewood NJ
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Don't Rain on My Parade
Sent: 1.59 PM - 4/1 2003

Hi all,
Just to let everyone know that indeed Volume 7 of the Judy Garland Show With Bobby is available right now!!! Just go to and order your copy today. Can't believe it's finally out there! Also Judy's one woman concert for television "Music from the Movies" is included with this package along with outakes and Commentary by Gary Smith. Hurrah to Pioneer for making this possible!

Name: Barbara
Hometown: Bay City, Michigan
Favorite Bobby Darin song: You're The Reason I'm Living
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: That Funny Feeling
Sent: 8.52 AM - 3/31 2003

Did anyone see Bobby's portrayal in the show "American Dreams" last night? It was pretty awful. All I kept thinking was, "Great, now people that don't know anything about him will think he's a stuck-up snob with a BIG attitude problem!" Yuck! Hope Kevin will do him justice in the movie. I cannot wait for that!

Name:Pavel Tovarys
Hometown: Prague
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Beyond The Sea
Sent: 4.57 AM - 3/26 2003

I love Bobby Darin and I love this site :)

Hometown: Pittsfield
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Dream Lover
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Capt. Neuman, M. D.
Sent: 10.26 AM - 3/20 2003

Sometimes I feel like Bobby himself, because as a member of the working class, he has given me alot of stamina to both be myself and to dress right. He was also a Bruce Springstein of his time. Doncha think babe?

Hometown: toms river, nj
Favorite Bobby Darin song: mack the knife,more
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: come september
Sent: 9.36 PM - 3/16 2003

bobby is truly the best.. he makes every song finger snapping.. and makes you wanna sing along

Name:Bruce H. Towell
Hometown: parma, Ohio
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Wow!..too many!...
Sent: 6.24 PM - 3/15 2003

A great site!...Beyond The Sea...or Le Mar in French?:-)....finally Bobby is getting his just due in this film!..Hope it is done right, Kevin will not let us down! a side comment, can we get any info on Bobby's love for chess?...whom did he play frequently with?..any written game scores for us to play over?...did he ever get to meet or talk with Bobby Fischer?..any info would be appreciated!..thanks again Bruce Towell

Favorite Bobby Darin song: BEYOND THE SEA.
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: COME SEPTEMBER
Sent: 5.59 AM - 3/15 2003

Bobby's songs are always played at my house, I look forward to more CD re-issues of Bobby's albums. I have numerous albums on CD including Live at the Desert Inn. Thanks Bobby for your gret music..

Name: Gloria Malgarini
Sent: 9.33 PM - 3/14 2003

As guardian of a 10 yr. old grandson, I would like to send this msg.forward to Dodd.. Your letter re: the proposed B.D. movie was a joy to read. My grandson recently auditioned for the part of your father as a young boy..and obviously he did not ever know your dad or get to see him in a movie. I bought a CD for him of some of your father's greatest hits, and described his "trademarks", the beat, the finger snapping, the "uh-Huhs" and unmistakeable Darin attitude. Ryan fell in love with "Beyond the Sea" and keeps playing it over and over while telling me "gramma I love to hear Bobby sing this song!" At the audition he sang "Bill Bailey" with ala Bobby Darin's style". Not only did I love your father's style, but after seeing my grandson's enthusiasm for Bobby Darin's music, your father has a whole new generation of fans... he will live on for generations to come,Dodd and even if we are not a part of the film, I can hardly wait to see his life on the screen for all to enjoy his struggle for sucess and his belief in his God-given talent.
God bless you and your family and love to your mother, a beautiful young girl, and a classy woman.


Gloria and Ryan Malgarini

Name:Mary Howarth
Hometown: Manchester.England UK
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Mack The Knife
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Come September
Sent: 5.39 PM - 3/14 2003

It was very sad Bobby died so young,but he will never be forgotten.He was a wonderful singer,& wrote many
great songs. He was one of the best entertainers ever.
R.I.P.Bobbyyou left a great legacy.Your Music!

Name: Jan
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Lonely Road
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Come September
Sent: 3.34 AM - 3/13 2003

Bobby Darin was/is soooooo cool! I hope Beyond The Sea turns out to be a good movie

Name: Hannah Lee Shaw
Favorite Bobby Darin song: My First Real Love
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: State Fair
Sent: 10.23 AM - 3/10 2003

Bobby!Bobby!Bobby! Sandra Dee, Connie Francis & Pamela Tiffin had GREAT taste. Thank you bobby for everything you've given to music & film which I watch & listen to endlessly. My thanks to Kevin Spacey, Dodd Darin & of course you Linda!

Name:Barbara Bassett
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Favorite Bobby Darin song: After Today
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Too Late Blues
Sent: 4.21 PM - 3/7 2003

May this site forever remind people what an incredibly talented and passionate man Bobby Darin was. Thirty years after losing his remarkable light, we are still talking about him. We miss you Bobby, but we'll never forget you.

Hometown: Englewood
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Alabamy Bound
Sent: 8.13 PM - 3/5 2003

Hello all,
This is just a short note to let all of Bobby's fans know that Bobby's appearance with Judy Garland will be released sometime during the month of March. Very exciting, as it will be in pristine condition. Bobby and Judy sing a wonderful Train Medley concocted by Mel Torme. Along with this episode is Judy's one woman concert "Music from the Movies". I hope all of you purchase a copy as you will enjoy it tremendously.
David King

Name:peter logan
Hometown: pontefract uk
Favorite Bobby Darin song: dream lover
Sent: 3.50 PM - 3/4 2003

thanks for the memories of my adolescent years

Hometown: NYC
Favorite Bobby Darin song: you don't have enough room here
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Captain Newman MD/Hell is for Heroes
Sent: 1.22 AM - 3/1 2003

Can hardly believe that BD will be gone 30 years this year. But each and every time I watch him on video or hear one of his great songs (the ones from his Bobby Darin Motown LP are currently ringing in my ear), he comes back! Much love and best wishes to the family of BD and much respect and appreciation for the webmistress! With this site, you DEFINITELY ensure that BD is forever remembered for the dynamic and ultra-talented performer that he was. Thank you!

Name:Bob Marsden
Hometown: Watford/Herts/UK/WD17 4QE
Favorite Bobby Darin song: ?? When Day is Done
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Captain Newman MD
Sent: 9.30 AM - 2/28 2003

Just to confirm my sincere words by E yesterday to Linda

Hometown: Independence, Ohio
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Beyond the Sea
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Come September
Sent: 7.57 PM - 2/25 2003

I was in the 7th grade in Brecksville (7th thru 12th grade in one building) when Bobby Darin was coming on the scene. We had 15 minutes in the gym before school started at 8 a.m and they would play music. Most of the guys shot baskets, but I was too short for that so I danced with all the girls to all the great songs of the era. I especially liked Mack and Knife and Beyond the Sea.

Name:Vince Santore
Hometown: Voorhees, New Jersey
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Too many to mention
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Come September
Sent: 6.47 PM - 2/24 2003

Great news regarding the movie bio. I've thought for years that Kevin Spacey would be the perfect choice to play Bobby Darin. This should lead to a whole new generation of fans learning what I've known for years; that Bobby Darin is simply one of the greatest entertainers who ever lived.

Name:Phillip Walton
Hometown: Brisbane Australia
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Dream Lover
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Come September
Sent: 1.08 AM - 2/21 2003

Never forgotten,always missed.

Hometown: Rogue River, Or.
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Mack..
Sent: 1.07 PM - 2/20 2003

B.D. is cool, looking foreward to Kevin Spacey movie!

Name: Barbara
Hometown: Bay City, Michigan
Favorite Bobby Darin song: You're The Reason I'm Living
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: That Funny Feeling
Sent: 10.06 AM - 2/20 2003

This is such a super site for all of us Bobby lovers! He was such a special, talented performer, and I luv checking out the different sections on the site. Can't wait for the Kevin Spacey movie to come out, then Bobby memories, and hopefully songs, will be everywhere!

Name: Hannah Crenshaw
Favorite Bobby Darin song: A True, True Love
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Come September
Sent: 3.05 PM - 2/14 2003

I would like to notify any Darin fans who read this that the biography of Bobby Darin's one-time love Connie Francis will be on A&E on Feb.19th on a Wednesday. There will be pictures, film footage and discusion of & about the two of them. No Bobby Darin fan should miss it! Bobby Darin will always be the great musical love of my life. Thank you for this terrific site!

Name: Linda Piccone
Sent: 3.55 PM - 2/13 2003

Dearest Bobby, Happy Valentines Day!! Beautiful Spirit!! (that lacked only time) Heavenly Legend!! (that lives on!) Still a joy to be with!! You have filled our hearts with your song.. I Love You Always

Name:Dan MacLennan
Hometown: Hedley B.C, Canada
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Mack The Knife
Sent: 6.44 AM - 1/20 2003

Mack The Knife was and is My All Time Favourite of any song. I sing Karaoke quite often and love to sing his songs. I wish I could have sang at least 1 with him or infront of him.I go to Paltalk and and yahoo to sing his songs.His Voice and style influenced my singing a lot. He seemed to add a new dimension to singing for me.I would have loved to thank him.I Just found out about his websight and felt totally surprized and extatic. I had just finished singing Clementine in JFK'S Room on Paltalk . Another regular informed me about this sight.I am 53 male BC Canada.

Name:Tom Beall
Hometown: Colorado Springs
Favorite Bobby Darin song: 18 Yellow Roses
Sent: 6.03 PM - 1/17 2003

Recently I was searching for a copy of Ruby Baby for my wife to play in her new PT Cruiser that she named Ruby. I knew it was on the 18 Yellow Roses album, but that album is long out of print (I do have a copy, but the cruiser doesn't have a turntable)and it hadn't been released on CD. By accident I ran across a company on the web at that was just releasing a new CD with the Your the Reason I'm Living album and 18 Yellow Roses. I bought it, and it's wonderful. They now have a new one with Hello Dolly, Goodbye Charlie, and Venice Blue. Perhaps some fans would like to know this.


Webmasters note: Yep, has been linked on the main index of for a long long time.Glad you like the CD!

Name: Raven
Hometown: Arizona
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Mack Is Back
Sent: 4.25 PM - 1/12 2003

Just wanted to say it yet again Love you have a special place in my heart and always will

Name:Tim van Wyck
Hometown: Coffs Harbour, Australia
Favorite Bobby Darin song: beyond the Sea
Favorite Bobby Darin movie: Pressure Point
Sent: 7.03 PM - 1/9 2003

Have been a BD fan since 1958, have most of his LPs and am trying to have all on CD (not quite achieved but getting there.

Name: Tommy
Favorite Bobby Darin song: Dream lover!
Sent: 6.51 PM - 1/1 2003

Bobby darin was just a great peformer! dream lover is my favorite of his its such a great song! He was a legend nd will live on forever!