Bobby Darin

"Happy Christmas, Bobby"

Darin’s with us for Christmas.
He winks and thinks he can’t take
Another December 20th of sadness.

“Let me sing some new songs for you.”
From California’s beaches to New York streets
And everywhere in between is where he wants to be.

See Darin in his dark cashmere top coat swinging open
Crisp blue shirt collar up and a white silk scarf around his neck.
His hand reaches out to jangle the bells.

His harmonica blues speeds to your soul.
Drums and vibes playing a racketing of joy.
His voice the warmth of his hand reaching out.

His achievement Christmas comets that never fade.
Bobby’s music rings out today in bells of infinity.
He sings in his own season.
He knows he is loved.

By Connie Sanford Jeffrey
December 2009


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