The Darin Lifetime Event 2007

WHEREAS, there shall be a special dedication ceremony at the Flamingo Hotel in Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada at 3555 Las Vegas Boulevard South, May 14, 2007, honoring Bobby Darin; and

WHEREAS, in conjunction with this ceremony the citizens of Clark County, Las Vegas will pay tribute to Bobby Darin, who was born Walden Robert Cassotto in the Bronx neighborhood of New York became an accomplished musician at the age of 15. Bobby formed a combo at a young age, performing in various small clubs, however his success began when he signed with Atlantic Records where he was an arranger, songwriter and to a lesser degree, singer. However, following vocal appearances on the Dick Clark Show and the Perry Como Show, Bobby was on his way to the top as a recording star; and

WHEREAS, Bobby has been inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his 1963 performance in CAPTAIN NEWMAN, M.D.; and

WHEREAS, Bobby married Sandra Dee in 1960 and later divorced in 1967. He prematurely passed away in 1973 at the early age of 37, while undergoing heart surgery; and

WHEREAS, in recognition of the above, a "Star" in honor of Bobby shall be dedicated in the pressence of citizens and visitors of Las Vegas; and

NOW, THEREFORE, WE, the Board of Commissioners of Clark County, Nevada do hereby proclaim May 14, 2007 to be BOBBY DARIN DAY

and ask all citizens and visitors to recognize and pay tribute to Bobby Darin for his contribution to Las Vegas which has made this wonderful day possible.

CHIP MAXFIELD, Vice Chairman

BRUCE L. WOODBURY, Commissioner

TOM COLLINS, Commissioner

SUSAN BRAGER, Commissioner



RORY FIELD, Chairman



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