Bobby Darin Has Proven Himself

Bobby Darin & Pat Boone

This article appeared in the November 1961 issue of
Song Hits Magazine.

A few years back, a self-assured young man was talking to a group of reporters. They had finished interviewing him and one asked the youth what his great ambition was. The boy laughed and said, "I want to be a legend by the time I'm twenty-five." Some of the reporters laughed, but the kid was dead-serious.

Today, this young singer is not a legend, but he's come further in five years in show business, to establish himself as such, than most of the current crop of singers who started when he did. A detractor recently jeered Bobby Darin with "I thought you said you'd be a legend when you turned twenty-five?" Bobby turned to the wise-guy and said, "I said I wanted to be, not that I would be." This shows how he carefully plans every move which affects him career-wise.

Many teenagers have found fault because he's changed his format and altered his style somewhat. Actually, its just a sign of Bobby's becoming a mature entertainer. He plays nite-clubs now and one just doesn't do a whole show built around Rock and Roll in a place like the Copa. But, conversely he's doing Rock and Roll some good with the parents who come to the clubs to see him. The reason that Rock and Roll can't be so bad if an entertainer of such versatility and verve has come out of it. Bobby has become one of the top night-club draws in he country.
Bobby Darin & Ed Byrnes

And the kids haven't deserted him, either. His last record, "Nature Boy," sold very well and got up near the top of the charts.

Bobby Darin has been characterized as being too arrogant, conceited, too big for his britches, etc., etc. Blessed with a quick sense of humor, he has said and done some pretty wild things in fun and he still remains, at heart, grateful for the accolades and success he's received from you, his fans.

Bobby was married earlier this year to Sandra Dee, one of the better actresses of the new crop. She and Bobby made a charming couple as they appeared to present some "oscars" on last year's Academy Awards Show. Presently expecting their first child, the Darins are deliriously happy.

They might be called in, in a different capacity for next year's "oscar" show. Bobby and Sandra co-starred with Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida in a great movie, Come September, for U-I. Bobby also exhibits his songwriting skill by writing the theme for it, and even conducting the orehestra that recorded it for ATC0. He has signed film contracts with Universal-International and Paramount.

When Bobby came out with his first big record for ATCO, "Splish-Splash", it was the start of a childhood dream realized: showbusiness. Bobby, born Walden Robert Cassotto, was born in New York and grew up under adverse circumstances, having lost his father while still an infant. He did very well in high school, graduating with a scholarship to Hunter College, as a music-drama major. After one term in school, Bobby decided that he wasn't going about it in the right way; that is, becoming an actor, his first love. He left and got a job playing an Indian in a touring children's show. Unemployment set in after this, however, and the ensuing months of desperate job seeking and living in a cold-water flat on crackers and milk caused Bobby to mature beyond his years, causing a sharp alertness which still shows today.

The nightclub circuit can be happy that Bobby is going the club route. While at the Copacabana in New York City, Darin broke all previous attendance records and the results of that fabulous one-man show are on an ATCO recording, "Darin At The Copa."

On this disc he sings such beautiful ballads as "I Have Dreamed," old standards like "Some Of These Days," his big hit, "Dream Lover," Ray Charles' "I've Got A Woman," on which he sings and plays blues piano in great style. He also exhibits his vibes form by shouting "Red Norvo, look out!" and going into a swingin' "Alright, Okay, You Win." Currently, Bobby is exhibiting his virtuosity on classical flamenco guitar, and what with his dance routine, isn't there anything he can't do??

Bobby with Frankie Avalon and Bob Denver

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