Bobby Darin



      How do you kill a mountain
      How do you make it fall
      Well you chip away
      And soon the clay
      Will fade away
      And the hole you've dug
      In the dream you hug
      Will be like a bug
      In your ear
      Can't you hear.

      How do you kill the sunshine
      How do you turn it out
      Well you close your eyes
      To the cries
      And the lies
      In the law's disguise
      And the light will fade
      In the evenin' shade
      Which is only made
      By the sun
      Are you dumb.

      How do you kill the ocean
      How do you make it dry
      Well you first dilute
      Then pollute
      Cut the fruit
      At the root
      And the ocean's floor
      Will be like a whore
      Who will lie no more
      'cause she's dead
      Use your head.

      How do you kill the country
      How does she disappear
      Well you trade your tent
      In for rent
      That will be spent
      On poured cement
      And the things that grew
      When the earth was new
      Which have nurtured you
      Will be gone
      Blow your horn.

      How do you kill an idea?



Lyrics from liner notes: Bobby Darin Born Walden Robert Cassotto LP

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