Bobby Darin

The Rarin' Mr. Darin

This article, written by Bob Laine, appeared
in the July 1959 issue of Teen Magazine.

Bobby Darin is on his way. If asked "Where to?" Bobby will tell you, "Anywhere, as long as it's up the ladder to success in show business."

There are very few things the impatient Mr. Darin doesn't want to accomplish. He'd like to win an Oscar, an Emmy, be a good dramatic actor, dancer, all-around entertainer, in addition to being known as a top-flight singer in a class with the kings such as Sinatra.

"The time is now!" Bobby is a very positive guy when he begins to dish out his advice to teens wanting to succeed in the entertainment field. "I figured out a long time ago that each person on earth has only about 720 months to live, so everyone had better make use of those months in the best way possible. Breaking these months down, it seems as though a guy should spend his first 16 or 18 years living it up. Then he ought to work and work hard till he gets married and has children. After that, he just should work for his family!"

For a young bachelor barely into his twenties, Bobby has a pretty mature outlook on life, but at the same time he doesn't take too grim an outlook. He's too much on the go.

Bobby is unique among the new Rock 'n Roll singers since he's really not an Rock 'n Roll singer at all. He got on the craze and got hot. Many people in the entertainment world think Bobby Darin will be one of the most important lasting young entertainers. When asked why people classify him as more than just an ordinary Rock and Roll singer, Bobby replied, "Probably because when I appear in nightclubs I don't sing Rock 'n Roll numbers. I usually like to do standards or more proven songs. Any kind of music you name is a favorite of mine so I vary my selection of songs as much as I can."

Song-writing is the spark that got Bobby his first break in show business. Penning music has been a talent of his since way back. So far he's completed about 130 tunes. The first number Bobby got on wax was a little ditty entitled "My First Real Love." Connie Francis was kind enough to record it and now Bobby calls the song "His First Real Flop." Never-Say-Die Darin kept on writing songs, even though his initial effort didn't click. Soon, he entered the hit circle.

Bobby's forever jotting down notes that jump into his head. He can't read a word of music, yet he's one of the most talented people around. Skilled at instruments like the piano, drums, guitar, vibes, and bongos, Bobby knocks pals out with his cool renditions, all self-taught.

TEEN got a definite answer when the following question was tossed out for Bobby: Were you interested in any other things at school besides show business? "Nothing," was Mr. Darin's reply and he meant what he said.

It took concentrated effort to get where he is today and Bobby won't go along with those who think tomorrow will be good enough to get things done. Yesterday was the day to do them!

Lingering on the subject of teenagers, Bobby spinned out a few impressions of the Australian teenagers and how they differed from teens in the U.S. On his recent Australian tour, Bobby dug the attitude over there of the youngers. "They sure react enthusiastically in Australia. If they like you, you know it. If they don't, they count you out. Anyway you impress them, they'll let you know how they feel. They are really square-shooters!"

Bobby's inference here is not meant to be a slur about the U.S. teens. He believes Aussie teens get a bigger kick out of things like personal appearances because they aren't as used to them as American teens. Also teenagers in the U.S. are apt to be pretty polite and not let you know it if they don't dig you.

The most impressive thing about this young singer is his energy. The guy literally leaps from one thing to another, but stays put long enough to score points in any project he undertakes. Bobby is an individual and doesn't want to be a carbon copy of any other entertainer. He wants just to be Bobby Darin, and from where we sit, that's good!

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