Bobby Darin

Run for Your Life

"It's a sweet life!"

Run for Your Life was a popular crime drama show on NBC in the mid to late 1960's. It starred Ben Gazarra, whose character Paul Bryan did not have long to live, and tried to live life to the fullest.

Bobby Darin appeared in the episode "Who's Minding the Fleshpot?" as Mark Shepard a tour guide in the Riveria, who persuades his vacationing friend Paul to help him escort a rich woman (Eve Arden) and her daughter (Davey Davison) around the city.

They run into car and jewel thieves in the drama which also has some comic overtones. (Bobby does not sing in the program, but shows his great athletic ability in a high speed bicycle chase.)

This episode was a pilot, intended as a spin-off of Run for Your Life, entitled It's a Sweet Life." (It is a line Darin mentions frequently during the program, but it was not picked up by the network.)

Bobby, Eve Arden and Ben Gazzara.

Some scenes from the episode.


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