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A Note from Greg Wilson ( Editor of Modern Teen Magazine): Literally thousands of letters cross my desk every month asking for more stories about Sandra Dee. They contain praise and curiosity about this beautious young gal. They want to know more about her personal life, what new fashions shes's wearing, how she really likes working in movies, and well, I could go on like this indefinitely. What it all comes down to is this : You want more of Sandy, so here she is premiering in her own new, exclusive column. And lucky you, Sandy will be with you each and every issue with gobs and gobs of gossip and news just for ( you guessed it) YOU!

This article appeared in the June 1964 issue of Modern Teen Magazine and was written by Sandra

Hi There!. . .. Gee, I'm so excited about my new column in MT! When Greg asked me if I'd like to write my very own column each month, I jumped at the chance. Now, finally, I can talk to my "fans" in person. We'll be talking about all sorts of things. You know, real girl-talk, very private type gossip. But, for my column to be a success (and I'm crossing my fingers) I'll need your help. And that means oodles and oodles of letters. Now, promise me you'll write!

I simply must tell you what my wonderful husband gave me as a present . . . A HOUSE!. .. my very own Spanish house! Well, not actually my very own, Bobby lives there too! (Oooh, I'm so funny) It's right on Toluca Lake and has the most scrumptuous courtyard, surrounded by all sorts of trees and bushes, and every morning a little bluebird sings right outside my kitchen window. It's so peaceful and nice. And Dodd Mitchell just adores it. Bobby and I bought him a darling swing set and you should see the tricks he can do already. He thinks he wants to be a clown and perform with a circus. Oh, well, I guess next year he'll want to be a cowboy! When Dodd was two months old he looked just like Bobby, and I couldn't have been more pleased. I mean doesn't every wife watit her son to look just like his father? But now Dodd's looks are changing, he looks sort of like a combination of Bobby and me! He's just adorable, but I thought a baby that resembled his father would continue to resemble him through his entire life.

I'm so proud of Dodd, and like every mother I like to think he's the most beautiful baby in the world! He's so soft and cuddly, and has long, long, brown eyelashes, and the darkest, curliest hair in the world! And right now he's sitting on my lap talking a blue-streak. It's kind of hard to concentrate on my typing. But, it's sure fun! Every so often Dodd decides to be an editor, and he conjures up every ounce of his baby energy and types right over my copy. For instance, here's what Dodd wrote ten minutes ago . . . frlpooennl982#8*verz . .. Wouldn't it be funny if he were another Einstein, and had just thought up his own theory.

If you know anything at all about me, you know that I just love anything Mexican or Spanish. That's why Bobby bought me my "Spanish Villa." I simply adore Mexican and Spanish cuisine, and more, I like to cook it too. Last week Bobby had business guests over for a "homemade" Mexican dinner, which, naturally, was my big chance to prove that I'm the cook I profess to be. So I planned the greatest dinner imaginable: Tortillas, quacamolie salad, albondigas soup, and well just everything imaginable to make a perfect Mexican dinner. I forgot to tell you that hubby dear also gifted me with a super-duper, built into the wall and guaranteed to puzzle any wife OVEN!!! I set the timers (all 3600 of them), dressed Dodd and went out to finish some last minute shopping.

I got back three hours later (needless to say, I'm not the fastest shopper in the world) and smelled smoke coming from the kitchen. I ran towards the kitchen and sure enough my whole wonderful Mexican dinner was burned to a crisp. The darned timers didn't turn off at the right time! By this time it was almost five and the guests were due to start arriving at six. I didn't know what to do. There just wasn't enough time to prepare another dinner, and Bobby was so counting on my Mexican food. He even told everyone that his wife was the best Mexican chef on the entire West Coast. Being a practical wife (ha) I used my feminine ingenuity (you girls know what that is—It's what traps you a steady-boy every time!) and called the local Mexican restaurant and had a meal for eight sent in. Everyone loved the food, and I even accepted the "congratulations for a wonderful dinner." Even Bobby was fooled. He gave me a big kiss for having such a great dinner. There's a moral to this story: Confucius and Sandra say: "Never fib to husband, when you forget to dispose of honorable Mexican restaurant containers!!"

Was it ever fun working on my new Universal picture "I'd Rather Be Rich." I've got the most wonderful co-stars a girl could have. Are you ready for this: Robert Goulet, and is he ever dreamy!! And Mr. Wonderful himself Andy Williams! Now what girl could ask for anything more? Both of these dream boats are playing my boyfriends. Promise me you'll see this picture, it's the very best movie I've ever done (Miss modesty here) and wait till you see my wardrobe. Mmm, yummy! Jean Louis designed all the clothes I wear in I.R.B.R., and best of all . . . I get to keep all the clothes for myself when the picture concludes! Remember, a few months ago when Modern Teen previewed the Jean Louis clothes I wore in "If A Man Answers?" Well, Greg has promised me that he'll do the same with the fabulous clothes from "I'd Rather Be Rich!" I want you all to see them —they're Just wonderful!

Bobby's been so busy lately. And for good reasons. Besides his nite-club tours, and television appearances, he's been hopping- back and forth to New York to keep his eye on his pet project — his new Music Publishing business. He's doing so well too. I haven't been able to travel too much lately, because of business commitments, but next week Dodd and I will be going on a trip with "Poppa" Darin!

I have a funny story to tell you about Bobby. He was on a trip to New York last month and I expected him home on Sunday morning. As a matter of fact I was going to pick him up at the airport. So, I went to bed extra early Saturday nite (so I wouldn't be bleery eyed early Sunday morning) . Well, anyway, about 2:30 Sunday morning (still the middle of the night) the doorbell chimes, and I leap out of bed, scared to death, and troddle to the front door. Me: "Who's there ?" He: "Special Delivery." Me (to myself) : "Oh, I hope nothing's happened to Bobby!" So, I open the door and there before my Californian eyes is (so help me) a Snow Man!!! I almost died laughing (after I got over my shock that is) and the snow man was talking to me. He said . . . "I'm a gift to you from your sweet, dear husband, Bobby, to remind you of the snow back in New York" . . . I started to cry with happiness when Bobby took off the Terry cloth snowman's head! What a dear husband, and what a wonderful surprise. I'd missed him so much that trip.

Would you do me a big favor? I'll be starting a new section, called "Sandy's Heart Line," in my column (next issue) and will discuss all sorts of things concerning BOYS — those wonderful, exciting, creatures that fill our lives with happiness. And Sometimes sadness, too. I'll talk about fads that are new around the country, and well, just about anything and everything. But, I'll need your help. Please send me oodles and oodles of letters. Let me know all about your "Special" boyfriend, send me his picture and maybe I'll run it in the column. Let me know what fad is taking- over your neighborhood. Get the picture ? I want to hear from you! This is your column and I want to be sure to talk about thing's you'd like to hear about. So now it's up to you. Hope to hear from you!



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