Bobby Darin in Comedy Smash

"The wonder boy of show business"

This article was written by Nick Kenny in late 1962.

Bobby Darin, the wonder boy of show business , danced into our office yesterday humming the strains of "Mack The Knife", and wearing a big grin. It was his second visit to our domain and he was wearing the grin because the last time he popped in on us was just after he wrote and recorded "Splish Splash" and we went way out on limb predicting that this brash young lad was going to make show business history.

"Well Uncle Nick, I didn't let you down," he cracked.

"Okay, okay", we answered, "but you didn't have to gobble up every phase of show business and write all the hit songs just to prove it. The Kenny brothers write songs too, but you've got the market saturated."

"Oh it's not that tough, Uncle," laughed Bobby. "You could knock off a couple right now because currently I am on a moving picture binge. If I do say it myself, I think our newest film 'If A Man Answers' is going to be our'll love it because you like comedy and this one has a laugh a minute. You also love dogs and we have some of the meatiest roles that any actor ever sank his teeth into....and these roles are filled by some of the finest dogs in Hollywood history."

Bobby stars with his real life wife Sandra Dee in the picture. He met her while making "Come September" in which they were romantically paired.

He will do two TV specials this season, one for Bob Hope and the other for Dinah Shore . He has to turn down many TV offers due to film commitments .

Darin is a big success because a lot of people believed in him along the way, including his close friend Donald Kirshner , George Scheck, his personal manager and others...but again it was Bobby's belief in himself and his terrific drive that landed him on top at the age of twenty-five. He is talent to his fingertips.

Born Robert Walden Cassotto on May 14, 1936, in New York, he was raised by his mother (Grandmother Polly) and older sister Nina (his mother) . Bobby's crib was literally a cutdown cardboard box. The little family was on relief.

But that is all far back of them now, thanks to young Darin's intense desire to improve himself, characterized today by his drive to conquer new areas of show business. These include different musical instruments, dancing and his current venture into films. He is matured beyond his years , but who wouldn't be with such a beginning ?

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