Bobby Darin's Star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars will become a reality. 
The ceremony will be held at the Flamingo Hotel Showroom on Monday, May 14, 2007 at 11 AM.

My name is Jamie Ney, and I've been a Bobby Darin fan for 48 years. After Spacey's Beyond the Sea was released,
I found and through that became email pals with a group who are similarly enchanted by Mr. Darin.
Many of us met last May in New York City to celebrate what would have been Bobby's 70th birthday.
To help enhance Bobby's legacy, we are now working together as the
"Bobby Darin Star Fund Team"
to make sure that Bobby's name is included in the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. This fund-raising effort
is entirely organized by fans and supported by fans. If you have any questions, please contact us at: or

The LAS VEGAS WALK OF STARS is a four mile stretch of sidewalk along Las Vegas Blvd.
Similar in concept to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, The WALK OF STARS honors legendary
entertainers, and others, who have made Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the world.
The star is a specially inscribed three-foot square, 180 pound slab of granite.
Las Vegas Walk of

BOBBY DARIN is certainly deserving of this honor. He was arguably the best showroom
entertainer ever to play Las Vegas, the youngest headliner of his time and at one point,
the most highly paid entertainer in Las Vegas. It is up to us, Bobby’s dedicated fans,
to enhance his legacy by sponsoring him for this honor.

To receive a star, a potential honoree must be sponsored, nominated and confirmed by
the LAS VEGAS WALK OF STARS Nominating Committee. The sponsorship fee is $15,000,
and that’s where you come in. Our goal is to have the placement ceremony in May 2007
to celebrate Bobby’s birthday, so we need to move fast. Any amount you can donate will
be hugely appreciated; it is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.
If you can spare a bit more, the Star Committee has some gifts to offer you.
This simply can’t be done without you.

$25 = Key chain with a photo of Bobby
$50 = Rarely seen photograph of Bobby
$100 = Bobby Darin mouse pad
$250 = Bobby Darin calendar
$500 = Your choice of a pin or charm in sterling silver,
an exclusive design of snapping fingers (note BD on the cuff)

$1000 = Your choice of a pin or charm in 10K gold

For information contact:

Visit the Las Vegas Walk of Stars page.

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