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Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee
Marry in Surprise Wedding

The News and Courier – Charleston, S.C. - December 2, 1960

Hollywood (AP) – Teen-age idols Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee finally got their rented honeymoon home Thursday after a wedding day spent mostly in airports.

The two sleepy people arrived from New York and secluded themselves in a house the 24-year old singer had rented for a four-day honeymoon. The actress, 18, got off the plane wearing the street-length white satin wedding dress she was married in earlier Thursday at Elizabeth, N. J.

The surprise wedding took place after midnight at the apartment of music publisher Donald Kirshner, a friend of Darin’s. Newark Magistrate Samuel Lohman officiated. Richard Behrke, Darin’s piano accompanist, was best man and Darin’s sister, Nina Maffia, of Lake Hiawatha, N.J., was matron of honor.

The groom, who rose to fame on his hit recording of “Mack the Knife,” had no wedding ring. Mrs. Maffia, explaining the surprise ceremony, said the two “kind of looked at one another and that was it.” Darin borrowed a plain gold wedding band belonging to Kirshner’s father-in-law.

By 3 a.m., the wedding and reception were over. The newlyweds drove to Idlewild Airport, New York City, to await an 8 a.m. departure for Los Angeles. The plane developed mechanical trouble, however, and landed at Chicago instead. There the two lovebirds had another airport wait before getting another plane.

“I can’t believe it’s happened,” Miss Dee said of the marriage “Honey, it has,” said Darin.

The two met last September in Portofino, Italy, while making “Come September,” a movie also starring Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida. Word filtered out the two were dating, but Hollywood looked upon it as largely publicity romance for the picture.

The newlyweds will be together only four days. Darin has to return east for a night-club engagement while his bride remains here to start work Monday in the movie, “Tammy, Tell Me True.”

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