Acknowledgements and Thanks

With continued thanks to Bobby’s fans for their contributions to this website.
And, as always, we want to thank Dodd Darin, along with the late Steve Blauner
and the late Harriet “Hesh” Wasser for their support of Bobby’s site.


Nancy Prater
Vincent Innocente
Gary Weiss
Jill Caplan
Ester Toribio
E.D. Taylor
Pete Emslie
Matthew Skinner
Anita Reyes
Teri Ruiz
*Steve Hills
Eureka Entertainmnet*
Hannu Juurinen
Pedro El Gos Coix
*Anthony J. Miley,
Lance Haunte
*Diana Milena Moreno M.
George Schlatter Productions*
Tasso Matheas
Matt Van Riper
Lisa Nelson
*Willy Palomino
Palomino Jewelry*
Andrea White
Gerry Genaurio
Pat St. John
Carolyn Smith
*Anthony Scalia
Sharkbite Productions*
Billy "Mac" McCubbin
*Ed Seeman "Fractalegends"
of Rock & Roll*
James Darren
*Tommaso Penza
Two Brothers Italian Restaurant*
Norman Scott
Clarice Frederick
*Jim Britts of
*WANY 100.9FM Albany, KY*
L. Vergara Herrero
Anne Cauchi
Ric DiDonato
Don Larson
*Meridian 107FM in the UK*
*Peggy, President of the former BD International Fan Club*
Lucia Baez

Irene Wallace
Donna Alexander
Kathy Bennett
Linda Padulo
Michael Schmid
Jamie Tardanico
Mark Sofilas
Jimmy O'Byrne
Linda Hoffman
Bobby Rydell
Joe Rutland
Sepide Mohammadali-Tork
Jan Waycaster
David Piscopo
Tony Viviano
*Tony Butala of
The Lettermen*
Britton Stokes
*Kent Kotal of*
Cary O'Dell
Ronnie Diamond Orston
Melissa Comber
Angelia Lenz
Karin Grevelund


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