Bobby Darin

Through a Long and Sleepless Night




      Through a long and sleepless night 
      I whisper your name 
      Through a long and sleepless night 
      Of who is to blame. 
      Can't help but wonder 
      If you're lonely too 
      As I lie there and toss about 
      So at a loss about you. 
      How I wish, my heart would be 
      My memories alone 
      Why must I re-dream, re-live 
      The joys we've known. 
      I pray that someday 
      Our love will see the light 
      'til then 
      In thick, dark silence 
      I beg my heart to replace 
      All through and, oh, so long and sleepless night. 




Lyrics transcribed by Marilyn Brown and Patrica Zimmer

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