"Bobby Darin: 15 Years Later"

"He looks the same but the resemblance ends there."

This article, written by Leslie Raddatz, appeared in
the August 26, 1972 issue of TV Guide.

This TV Guide article was written during the time of Bobby's summer replacement series for Dean Martin ("The Bobby Darin Amusement Co."). The article told of the differences between the Bobby Darin in 1972 compared to the Bobby Darin of the 60's.It told of the "new" Bobby Darin who would take off to the mountains to camp out between tapings of the show, by himself and with Andrea Yaeger,who Bobby refered to as Mrs. Darin.( "I think I've been married for the past two years. We've just dispensed with the bureaucratic involvement," Darin is quoted as saying). This was a sharp contrast to the "flambouyant" Bobby Darin of the 60's who would take parties of friends to Europe to see him perform and rent a private railroad car to Miami, complete with entourage, porter, chef and caviar.

The article discussed the personal changes Bobby went through in the late 60's after the death of Robert Kennedy. ("With him in the ground, part of me went ,too", Darin said.) He did not equate his current "unwinding " trips to the mountains with his year of solitude at Big Sur.("That was a defeatist thing- a Kafka-esque prison", Darin said.) The article also discussed Bobby's professional changes in the late 60's (the Direction LPs) and how it affected his career and record sales.("It wasn't that people hated me" , Bobby said,"The audiences liked it -they were just too small.").

The article also discussed the oft-quoted remark of Bobby wanting to be a legend before he was 25.(Darin said that the reporter of of that remark did not mention the "twinkle in my eye when I said it.") Bobby also denied categorically ever making the statement he wanted to be bigger than Sinatra.("I'm not competitive-I'm not trying to replace any other singer," Bobby said. "But that doesn't mean I'm not aggressive.")

The article took note of Darins work on his variety hour saying Bobby was usually the first to arrive at rehearsals.It stated that Bobby, rather than producers Saul Ilson and Ernest Chambers, was the "man in charge" , an effect accomplished with an air of quiet authority rather than the brashness or abrasiveness that might perhaps been expected. He came off as very modest and unassuming in the studio, getting "good vibes" from the show despite the rugged work schedule.

The article wrapped up by Raddatz saying it might be hard to cast Darin as "Mr. Nice Guy" after years of hearing of his cliched brashness,cockiness and arrogance.It stated that the years and things that have happened to him have made a difference, if not in the public man ,certainly in the private person.As Bobby Darin was quoted as saying at the article's end: "I know what I'm all about."

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