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Bobby Darin

This article appeared in the October 1959 issue of
Archie's Girls: Betty and Veronica

It has been a strange and fascinating development of our times that more young singers have had hit records in the past several years than ever before in the entire history of showbusiness. Unfortunately, the great majority of these youngsters have proved great disappointments as performers in theatres, night clubs, on television and in films.

Possibly the most outstanding exception to this big hit-no performance trend in young warblers is Bobby Darin. Bobby has proved himself not only one of the biggest disk hit-makers the industry has known, but more important has displayed most amazing polish as a performer before the television cameras, on club floors and in theatres. Bobby Darin works a little like a young, zestful Sinatra, and a little like a budding Dean Martin. Yet he does not imitate either of these two great singers. He has a style all his own. Sinatra and Martin touches, yes, but with the Darin appeal to the teenage record buying market, as well as to adults.

He works with amazing authority for a youngster of 21.

And Bobby is unique in another respect. He is not only a polished performer on records and otherwise, but he is one of the most accomplished young songwriters on the current scene. He wrote his own smash hit, "Splish Splash" as well as tunes recorded by such artists as Eddy Arnold, LaVerne Baker, Gene Vincent and many others. In addition to his songwriting and performing talent, Bobby is also an arranger with a distinctive, bright and commercial touch. For example, he not only arranged "Splish Splash" and many other songs he himself recorded, but also arranged and ran the date on the hit Rinky Dink record of "Early in the Morning" on ATCO. Bobby, of course, wrote the successful "Early in the Morning," too.

Bobby's first public appearance of consequence occurred in March, 1956 when he did a television show with the late, great Tommy Dorsey. From that point on music tradesters, and now the general public, have taken Bobby to their hearts. His last hit of "Dream Lover" has shown this.

Bobby graduated from the High School of Science in New York City, and spent one year at Hunter College in New York. Long before that he was training himself for a career as an entertainer-writer. He learned to play piano, drums, guitar, vibes and bass. Bobby's mother, a lady who once graced show business herself, has been a big help to Bobby all through his early days as a performer. Now that he has had hit records -- and "Splish Splash" was one of the biggest hits of 1958 -- Bobby is not letting up on his stringent and continuing efforts to improve himself as a performer.

At the present time he is taking dramatic and dancing lessons, in preparation for work in television and films. Physically, Bobby is ideal for either medium. He is 5' 9 1/2" tall, and a slender, virile 155 pounds. He has handsome, yet interesting, distinctive facial features.

While Bobby's "Splish Splash" was substantially in the rock 'n roll idiom, and he is a big favorite with the teenagers, he has equal appeal to adults who prefer to hear knowing treatments of standard ballads and swing items. In clubs, theatres and in films this fast-rising youngster has bids to play the finest, and ensuing months will see announcements of interest along these lines.

Actual article as it appeared in the October 1959 issue of
Archie's Girls: Betty and Veronica

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