Two Jack Wagner Interviews with Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin

Jack Wagner Interviews

Bobby Darin

In the 1960's Capitol Records released LP's to radio stations called The Silver Platter Service. These albums consisted of complete programming and short interviews of various Capitol recording artists. The interviews were conducted by Jack Wagner, the manager of National Radio/TV services for Capitol.

Bobby was briefly interviewed on at least two Silver Platter Service LP's. One promoted his first Capitol album, Oh! Look at Me Now (Released in 1962) and the other The Best of Bobby Darin (Silver Platter Service side 217, released in September 1966, after Bobby left Capitol).

Oh! Look at Me Now - Interview

The Best of Bobby Darin - Interview

Silver platter LP 217-218

Silver Platter LP 217-218

Picture of Bobby courtesy of Barb Kieffer.

Special thanks also to Jimmy Scalia for converting
The Best of Bobby Darin and Oh! Look at Me Now LP's to CD's for these audio files.

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