Bobby Darin

Wagon Train

Bobby Darin guest starred on ABC's popular western Wagon Train on October 4, 1964. Darin played an injured outlaw on the run, named John Gillman. He is discovered in the woods by a young orphan girl named Abigail, who lives with the wagon train.

The episode focused on Gillman's relationship with Abigail (Betsy Hale).

In the beginning, Gillman tried to resist the inquizitive tomboy, who asks him to be her "picnic father" during a special picnic for the orphans on the wagon train. They soon develop a close relationship.

Gillman gives Abigail his philosophy of life.


As the two become friends, Gillman shows a protective side to Abigail, who tells him she has been sick, and that she has to sleep a lot, but she does not know what is wrong with her. Gillman's feelings intensify when they both find out she does not have long to live. Knowing that Abigail's chances of finding adoptive parents are slim to none, he offers an older couple money to adopt her so that Abigail might have a chance at "having a real life." When the wagon train rules prohibit her adoption, Abigail runs crying into the woods and Gillman follows her.

"Now I lay me down to sleep ..."

In the end, Abigail gets her wish of having a "real" last name.

Handcuffed to his horse, John Gillman rides off to serve his time, happy knowing he helped Abigail get her final wish.

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