Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin

Waiting For Baby

This article appeared in the August, 1961 issue of
Photoplay Magazine.

"Remember when?" She smiled, leaned across the table and he, turning slowly, looked at her -- squarely, surely, proudly. They were celebrating their sixth-month wedding anniversary, the Bobby Darins. For any young married couple, an important one. For Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee, perhaps their most important. It's a lifetime since Portofino, Italy; these past six months were a lifetime that matured them -- both of them....He remembers the moonlight; she, the happiness and the bright sunlight. "He'll be the real, absolute boss of the family," she had said before she met him. And is this one of the reasons she fell in love with Bobby? She wanted her husband to be seven or eight years older than she was. She was eighteen; Bobby was twenty-four when they met. He'll bring me flowers, she'd dreamed, and he'll want to travel a lot. He'll do things on a moment's notice, you know, she'd explained impulsively. And I want to be able to respect him, especially his mind. He'll have a good manly voice, too, and he'll be firm with me; he'll protect me...

These are what she wanted. Bobby Darin, when she got to know him, seemed custom-made. They fell in love, and Sandra forgot the other prediction she had made: "He'll propose to me, probably when I'm twenty-two." He didn't wait. She didn't protest...and if she had, they wouldn't have had today; they wouldn't be sitting together tonight...nor would they be proudly expecting their first baby.

Remember, Bobby? She had looked more like a nervous young secretary than a Hollywood star as she and Bobby slipped into the town clerk's office in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey. She had her hair covered with an orange kerchief and wore her big camel's hair overcoat. She said she was Sandra Douvan and she was eighteen. Yes, and she lived in Beverly Hills, California.

And he was Waldon Robert Cassotto. The clerk accepted it. How many others would have? For everybody, just about everybody, seemed to know he was Bobby Darin of "Mack the Knife." His address? He gave the address of his brother-in-law in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey, as his home. The license was issued at 12:20 P.M. They signed autographs for workers in the office who had recognized them by then, and together with Bobby's sister, Carmella, and her husband, Carmine Mafia, who were their witnesses, they left and sped off in a waiting limousine.

She had received word that same day from the studio that she was to report for work the following day and they both stood there, staring blankly. They decided to get married immediately. They had been told by Magistrate Lohman that under New Jersey law they would have to wait seventy-two hours from the time of their license application. But then, at 1 A.M., they were able to get a waiver from Morris County Judge Scott Long. Next step was to wake up the town clerk in Parsippany-Troy Hills and get the license, which would not have been effective until the following day. They got it and went back to Don Kirshner's home--he was formerly Bobby's manager.

What will everybody think? That seemed so important then; not nearly as important now. They didn't plan to get married so quickly--at least, not until Friday. The wedding was planned for noon at Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey. It was to be at the home of Bobby's sister, Carmella. Afterwards, the reception was to be held at the Kirshners' home. At two-thirty, they had instructed their friends. Don't be late. We only intend to get married once. Forty friends promised to be there.

The wedding

Remember? Instead they were married by a Newark, New Jersey, magistrate at four A.M. They weren't confused. It was simple. They were in love. They left behind them a wake of clustering, bewildered friends. What happened, they asked? What about two-thirty Friday--the reception?

Who cared about a reception? They were to be together. And they boarded the California-bound jet airliner at Idlewild Airport, five hours after their marriage, sure of one thing: This was the loveliest way to be in love.

"Why did you do it this way?" reporters yelled. Wrapping her mink coat around her, Sandra simply said: "We wanted to get it over with." How could she explain she simply wanted to marry Bobby right away ? And Bobby explained further: "The time doesn't make any difference, does it?"

Then he laughed. "We'll have a five-day honeymoon before the work starts again."

"Will she still work?" reporters asked. Sandra had patted the Yorkshire terrier tucked in her purse and nodded, yes, she would continue with her career.

"Sandra has a picture to do and I'll be back in Camden for two weeks. We'll stay in my house that I rented in Hollywood." They boarded the United Air Lines jet.

And then they were alone. She reached for his hand, put her head on his shoulder and felt him slowly, safely, securely fall asleep. She knew it was all true. There was a wedding band on her left hand, third finger....

Six months ago, and sometimes it seemed no more real, no less hectic than it had been then, and sometimes it seemed as though it were always the way it was now. How did she live now? What was their life now that the honeymoon was over? Their fans want to know. This is the way it is:

How they live

What kind of an apartment do Bobby and Sandra have--or is it a house?

They live in a furnished house in Bel-Air on Stone Canyon Road secluded from view by shrubbery and trees. The front entrance is so difficult to locate, one usually finds oneself entering through the service porch. The architecture is semi-modern, a large picture window in the living room overlooks the pool; the couches are low and white, the coffee table modern. The bedroom has twin beds, no head-boards, and is approached through a dressing room with built-in dressing table, mirror and cupboards on one side. It is not a large house, but impressive. There is no doubt that sometime they will want to build a house of their own, especially now that they're starting their family.

What kind of home does Sandra want?

"I want a very substantial home," she says. "I like modern, but not the grotesque modern. I want my home to have a warm feeling. When you walk in, you'll know people live there, and it's not just a show place. I want it to be filled with blues, silvers, orchids and a dash of pink. I had an apartment in New York like that. I just loved it. I want to live in the hills and I want a pool--not because it is fashionable, but because I love to swim."

Can Sandra cook?

Yes, she can. In fact, she cooked an entire luncheon for me before her marriage--from salad to dessert. She can cook and sometimes does. But they have a cook now and it is no longer necessary. Remember, their lives are too full and busy. She spends all her time with Bobby when he's working or at the studio when she is.

Does Sandra ask Bobby's opinion on what dress to wear? For instance, the dress she wore to the Academy Awards?

I personally don't know Bobby's preferences in clothes. But I would doubt that Sandra, like any other wife, wouldn't be anxious to please Bobby. She has excellent taste, and if there have been any changes it might be that she wears a little more sophisticated evening dresses now.

What time does Sandra get up in the morning?

She's an early riser. While Bobby was making "Too Late Blues" she got up every morning with Bobby and drove him to the studio where she remained most of the day. When Sandra is working, Bobby will often drive her to her early studio appoinments. They stick closely together, even when they work, probably because there are so many times when they must, because of work, be separated. When Bobby is working night clubs, Sandra is up with him very, very late. Then they sleep late the next day. Remember, these are show business people and their schedules are as different from the average young couple as day is from night.

Do they expect to have a family right away?

Yes. Though they had been denying the baby rumors for some time, they finally announced the good news. Their first baby will be born in December.

Does Sandra plan to travel with Bobby?

Sandra has always gone with Bobby, whenever it was possible. But, of course, that will change now that she's going to be a mother.

Do they enjoy going to clubs? Who are their close friends?

They seldom go to clubs, but did attend Paul Anka's debut at the Coconut Grove. The close friends they seem to have are Bobby's acquaintances. Sandra was always a loner and never entertained young people her own age or was entertained by them. When she has a free hour, she spends it with someone at Universal studios.

What is Sandra's relationship with Bobby's family?

Sandra has always enjoyed a very pleasant relationship with Bobby's family, who are warm and friendly and gay. Some of them are constantly visiting in their home. Bobby's brother-in-law, Carmine, is one of his managers.

What small presents has Bobby given Sandra?

Bobby likes to surprise Sandra with sweaters, bags, pieces of jewelry and little things--like slipping notes into her robe pocket or putting slips of paper in the refrigerator that say "I miss you," or something else as thoughtful. He knows, too, that she loves flowers, particularly yellow roses. Bobby is most thoughtful this way.

Do they go to the movies? If so, what kind of films do they prefer?

They are usually too busy to go to movies. I understand they have a small movie projector in their home. Sandra always liked a variety of pictures.

Do they share their hobbies together? What do they enioy doing?

The hobby that Bobby is caught up with is buying hi-fi records. He claims Sandra's sole hobby used to be buying clothes. Their Palm Springs house, which they just bought, is a common hobby, although I feel Sandra does not much enjoy desert living. But, in any case, their main interest now is preparing for the baby.

Is Bobby careless around the house?

No, he's very neat.

Has Sandra changed now that she's married? About neatness?

Sandra, who used to bemoan her untidiness, now claims Bobby has taught her to pick up her belongings and put them away!

What foods does Bobby like?

Bobby enjoys any kind of food -- from hot dogs to hamburgers, and especially Italian and Cantonese dishes.

What does Sandra - or does she - prepare for breakfast and dinner?

The cook prepares breakfast---and dinner, I might add. Sandra often makes coffee and sandwiches when they have late droppers-in.

What part does religion play in Sandra's life?

Sandra has said, and I still believe it is true: "I'm religious, but to myself. For instance, I'll never go to bed without saying my prayers. I couldn't sleep. But I don't go to church every Sunday. I think it's because the Russian Orthodox Church services are so long--four hours."

How does Sandra feel about life?

She says, "I want to have fun each day I live. I'm terrible that way, but I want to get the most out of everything and not rush. It's very hard for me to take disappointments. This is something I have to overcome." This is how she felt before her marriage, and, if anything, she probably has grown in maturity now and is more willing to accept things.

Does Sandra have a routine?

She'll have to now! But she once said: "I hate routine. That's why I like the movie business so much. You never know where you're going to be the next day. I like going into makeup, but I get bored having my hair done and sitting under the hair dryer. I hate to study lines. I really don't study them--can't sit still that long. I read the script over and over until I feel like the girl in the part. As far as learning the lines, I just read them once over before I go on."

Sandra once said in an interview, "I don't want my husband to be in the entertainment world." Do you think she still feels that way?

I'm sure she doesn't. She takes great pride in Bobby's career.

Sandra also once said, "I want a good marriage and good healthy children. When I have this, I think I'll be completely happy. When I get married, I think I'd like to give up my career. I'd love to do both, but I don't think it's possible."

Obviously, Sandra has put marriage and motherhood ahead of her career. However, she eventually wants to continue acting.

Has Bobby's career suffered, like say, Eddie Fisher's did after he married Liz Taylor?

I'm sure it hasn't. Bobby's a talent and more, much more, than a teen-age idol. In New York, at the Copacabana, he got rave reviews. "No doubt of it, Bobby knows how to handle a night-club audience. He exudes confidence and authority under the kliegs," the reviewers said. "He has an easy, relaxed approach. The Bronx boy in a hurry belted out about two dozen tunes in a 65-minute session, then walked offstage with a houseful . . . in the palm of his hand." I don't think there is any fear for Bobby in this regard. Then there is the new independent movie company, Sandar Productions, that he's set up. No, I think Bobby's going to be around as long as Crosby.

And now, on their anniversary, let us wish both Bobby and Sandra a happy six-month wedding celebration and best wishes on the birth of their eagerly-awaited baby.


Pappa-to-be Bobby Darin tells Sidney Skolsky
the good news about his expected baby.

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