Bobby Darin

Where Love Has Gone




      There must be a place

      A place where love has gone

      A bright shiny world

      Somewhere where love has gone.


      Where dreams and desires

      As cold as yesterday's fires

      Start to blaze anew ...


      There must be a star

      Gleaming in space ...

      That doesnít grow dim

      With each last embrace.


      They say loveís gone when it goes

      And Iím naÔve I suppose

      There may not be such a place

      There may not be such a star.


      But still my fool of a heart

      Just leads me on ...

      It wants to be there

      There with you ... where love has gone.


      To that bright and shiny world

      Where love has gone

      To that gone forever world

      Where love has gone ... ...







Lyrics provided by Ester Toribio

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