Bobby Darin: Beyond the Song

In December 1998, PBS stations all over the country broadcast the outstanding documentary Bobby Darin: Beyond the Song. Produced by Jason Cilo and Henry Astor of MPI Productions, this amazing program was what every diehard Darin
fan was waiting for.

Bobby Darin: Beyond the Song traces the career of Bobby Darin from his first television appearance in 1956 to his last in 1973. It includes interviews with family and friends and features live performance clips of some of his greatest hits including, "Mack the Knife," "Splish Splash," "Beyond the Sea" and many more.

Bobby Darin was an entertainer of unparalleled ability who left a rich legacy of music and memories. The program was narrated by Keith Olbermann

Read the online questions and answers with Jason Cilo and Henry Astor here.

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