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By Christine DiMeglio, New York
Darinfan Since

I really discovered Bobby Darin when he had his TV show in the summer of '72. I watched his first show and I was hooked and have been ever since. I was 13 years old so needless to say I kept the fact that I adored Bobby Darin to myself because I'm sure my friends at the time wouldn't have known who I was talking about or would have thought I was weird. After being a part of the BD list for the past few years and learning that many list members were about the same age as me when they became BD fans, how I wish computers would've been available back then.

I can't explain what kind of effect he had on me and to this day I don't really understand why I feel so strongly about him but once you're hooked, you're hooked for life which is one habit I have no intention of breaking.

I was able to share my love for Bobby Darin with one person, my Mom. She liked him too and would take me to a record store that sold old LPs and that's how I started my collection.

I've read all the biographies on him and I've grown to respect him as a man as well as an entertainer/actor. I've alway known his history but reading his bios really made me understand him better and admire him more.

I think his musical, acting & songwriting legacies are pretty much already set for him. When people mention Bobby Darin, it's, oh yeah, "Mack The Knife," "Splish Splash," and so on. But his true fans know that there is so much more.

I will always remember vividly the day he died. I didn't want to go to school but of course I wasn't allowed to stay home. I remember wishing for the school day to end so I could go home and cry. I'll always remember how I felt that day and for the days and weeks that followed. I couldn't even listen to his records for a long time.

In closing I'd like to say that although he's been gone for thirty years, I know his music and legacy will live on forever. It has in my life and will continue to.


Christine DiMeglio

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