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Steve Blauner
Legendary Manager and Great Friend

Ruth Brown
Legendary R&B Singer, Actress, Friend

Bobby Caldwell
Legendary Singer, Friend

Terry Kellman
Guitarist, Musician on The Bobby Darin Amusement Co. TV Show, Friend

Roger McGuinn
Legendary Guitarist ("The Byrds"), Singer, Friend

Billy Mure
Legendary Guitarist, Guitarist on "Splish Splash" session, Friend

Bob Newhart
Legendary Comedian, Actor, Former Accountant and Bobby's Co-Star in "Hell Is For Heroes"

Tony Orlando
Legendary Singer, TV Star, Entertainer and Friend

Jimmy Scalia
Official Darin Archivist Since 1999

Alan Thicke
Writer on The Bobby Darin Amusement Co. TV Show, Comedian, Actor, Songwriter and Friend

Harriet Wasser
Mentor, Secretary, Publicist, Great Friend

Andy Williams
Legendary Singer, Entertainer, "The Andy Williams Show," Friend


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