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By Linda Samul, Michigan
Darinfan Since 1960

B orn Walden Robert Cassotto on May 14, 1936.

O riginal & outstanding, many believed Bobby ripped off styles from other artists. He was criticized for his musical morphing strategies. The fact is that Bobby Darin crosses musical boundries successfully, straddling the Generation Gap. He effectively zipped from hopped-up rocker to Vegas crooner, to sober folkie, with forays into Jazz, R&B & country. No other entertainer has delivered such a wide variety of styles as Darin. He's the best!

B rash & cocky: "It gives me great pleasure to get bum-rapped," Darin said, "I thrive on it." His cockiness was a device for attracting attention. The key to Bobby's personality was his illness. The specter of death was his principle motivation. He wanted the world to know he'd been here.

B eautiful, big brown eyes, brown hair, 5'91/2" tall & 155 lbs of sex appeal & pure talent. Bobby Darin-singer, songwriter, music publisher, actor, star.

Y ielding: Bobby was very productive in his short life time. In addition to his movies & records, he made many television appearances, including his own 1972-73 variety series, his 2 TV specials, over 45 appearances on musical/variety shows, numerous dramas, & game shows. He wrote/co- wrote over 160 songs, and performed countless times on stage. He produced a son with wife Sandra Dee; Dodd Mitchell Darin, born 12/16/61.

D ied 12/20/73 following open-heart surgery at age 37. He lived with a rheumatic heart condition he tried to outrun most of his life, which fueled his impatient, do-it-all-now rise to the top of the pop scene attitude.

A ctor: From 1960 to 1973, he appeared in 13 movies, receiving an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in "Captain Newman, MD." He met co-star Sandra Dee on the set of "Come September," married her 12/1/60, & divorced in 1967. She still loves him today.

R ecording star: He recorded approximately 30 LPs during his musical career, winning 2 Grammy Awards on 11/29/59: "Mack the Knife" was named Record of the Year, & Darin was chosen as Best New Artist.

I ntelligent: IQ-137, Bobby attended the respected Bronx High School of Science & 1 year at Hunter College. Took & passed MENSA exam.

N ina Cassotto whom Bobby thought was his sister, was his natural mother. Bobby was 30 years old when he learned the truth about his birth. "My whole life has been a lie," he said at that time. Bobby died never knowing his real father.

Linda Samul



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