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By Patricia Zimmer, New York
Darinfan Since 1998

Many things will be said about Bobby Darin, I won't add to the obvious. It's no surprise to anyone who is aware of Bobby's background that, 30 years after his passing, he still has an impact on fans and the entertainment community.

His performances can be riviting and intense; they can be subtle and sweet. He can make me all-out bellylaugh, he can bring a tear to my eyes. But hearing his voice always makes me smile. Wherever I am, I look up and give a wink. And when I hear him start Beyond the Sea, "Somewhere...." I just stop dead in my tracks.

My earliest recollection of Bobby was watching him singing Mack on AB. At 4 years old, he was my very first little girl crush. Secretly, I wanted to marry Bobby Darin.

I was 18 when he died; finishing my first semester of college. I remember hearing the news of his passing on the radio that morning while getting ready for school. Not knowing he was ill, it totally shocked and stunned me. That Christmas my dad gave my sister and I gold bracelets with the inscription "Love Dad, 1973." To this day when I wear it I think of my dad, but I also remember Bobby.

What started out as a young girl's admiration evolved over the years to a true appreciation of his talent and, even more, for who he was as a person. I am still learning new things about him and, above everything, it's his strength of character and conviction that always shine through.

The only negative thing I can say about Bobby Darin is that he didn't wait for me. He'll always have a corner of my heart.

Patricia Zimmer



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