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By Reina Riley, Massachusetts
Darinfan for all of 3 months

There aren't enough superlatives to describe the talent of Bobby Darin. I saw him for the first time just this past August on a PBS broadcast. As he sang "For Once in My Life," every hair on the back of my neck stood up like little soldiers. I thought, this is a performer of nonpareil status. He stimulated my senses, amused my brain and impressed me with his range of musical artistry... a supernova in his field.

Since that evening I have spent many hours listening to that voice and watching him perform on video. He has beautified my world through his music.

He is ambrosia to my ears and honey to my eyes. He is energizing and uplifting. I think of him and I smile. I wish he were still with us, with a healthy heart, filling our video/airwaves with his passion and artistry. I wish he could visit this wonderful site and read the guestbook, then see for himself that people all over the world have been moved by his talent.

Bobby Darin raised the bar for performers who want to command the stage. His interpretations of songs were original and arresting. His selections embraced the history of American and International songlists. He rocked, he rolled, he swung, he twanged and he provoked thoughfulness. He left a recorded body of work that is a staggering in its range and depth and he had a scant half-lifetime in which to do it. He was unique, a combination of those that came before and a model for those who would follow him. It will be a long,
long time before the combination of talents that were Bobby Darin's will ever be seen
again. That he is relevant in these times is a testimony to his value as a legend, and as a human being.

Lucky are we who are privy to his talent. I got here just in time to say: "Thank you, Bobby."
And Bobby, one of these days I'll be waiting where the lane begins, waiting for you on needles and pins. And then...

Reina Riley



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