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By Sue Prifogle Otte, Indiana
Darinfan since 1972

Bobby Darin hit me in two separate phases. First, when I was 12 in 1972 and first watched his summer replacement show, I became hooked. But that was just a little girl crush.
At that time, crushing Bobby Darin influenced my taste in music.

I became a 50s/60s music nut. While my friends were listening to the 70s, I would have none of that! Every night before bed, my "routine" consisted of listening to the two hours of Bobby I had recorded off his TV shows. I would not fall asleep until the last of the songs
had played.

I will never forget when Bobby Darin died. I was 13 and we were out of school for Christmas break. I came down to breakfast late, and when I sat down, my mom told me they (my mom & dad) had just heard on the radio that Bobby Darin died. At first I thought they were kidding because they were ALWAYS kidding me about my crush. Then I realized they were not joking, and I didn't know how to act (or react). Being so young, I was not used to people close to me dying (and I felt very close to Bobby Darin).

I put away the tapes that I listened to every night before bed. I tucked everything Bobby away. I lost my interest in 50s & 60s music. Twenty years passed. I had all but forgotten Bobby Darin. Then I bought and read Dodd's book. As I neared the end I cried as if I
were right there watching Bobby Darin die. But instead of burying him again, I brought him back to life! I wondered about those cassette tapes I had tucked away so long ago. I listened to them once again and I was astonished! I never realized the talent. I never realized how wonderful the songs were. I was hearing the music as an adult now - not a little girl with a crush. I kicked myself for hiding that wonderful music away for so many years!
Then I could not get enough of Bobby Darin. Several years later, I still relish the music and the talent. My little girl crush was not that silly afterall. I feel like I had pretty good taste back then, and still today!

Has it really been thirty years? It doesn't seem like it. At least for me, the music of Bobby Darin keeps me young and happy. Sometimes I'm a kid again, sittin' on the floor, watchin' the Amusement Company. I'm sure thirty years from now I will still be a Bobby Darin nut. It'll just be harder to get up off the floor!

I'm so happy there are other Bobby Darin fans out there to help me keep his memory, talent and music alive (not hidden away)! In the words of James Whitcomb Riley, "He is not dead... he is just away."

Sue Prifogle Otte



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