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May 14, 1936
Walden Robert Cassotto (Bobby Darin) born.


January 17, 1956
Bobby Darin and Don Kirshner copyright their first song, "After School Rock & Roll"

March 1956
Bobby Darin makes his TV debut on the "Dorsey Brothers' Stage Show," singing "Rock Island Line."


May 1957
Bobby Darin records first two Atco Records singles in Nashville.

December 16, 1957
Bobby Darin makes debut on "American Bandstand," singing "Don't Call My Name," chatting with Dick Clark.


April 10, 1958
Bobby Darin records "Splish Splash," and "Queen of the Hop," in New York.

September 1958
Bobby Darin's coposition, "This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'," written with Mann Curtis, becomes a Pop/R&B hit for Ruth Brown, charting as high as #24 on the pop charts and #7 on the R&B charts. This was Darin's highest ranking composition that he did not sing himself. (Thanks to Dik de Heer for chart information)

December 19-24, 1958
Bobby Darin records tracks for his That's All album, including "Mack the Knife."


March 5, 1959
Bobby Darin records "Dream Lover" in New York.

May 7-17, 1959
Bobby Darin opens for George Burns at Harrah's, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Bobby has referred to George Burns as a father figure.

July 1959
"Dream Lover" hits #2 nationally.

October 5, 1959
"Mack the Knife" hits #1, stays there for 9 weeks! That's All enters Billboard's LP chart, eventually reaching #7, charting for 52 weeks.

October 5, 1959
Bobby Darin becomes the youngest artist ever to headline at The Sands, Las Vegas. He was 23 years old.

November 29, 1959
Bobby Darin wins 2 Grammy Awards. "Mack the Knife" is named Record of the Year, and Darin is chosen as Best New Artist.

November 30, 1959
Infamous UPI story appears, quoting Bobby Darin as saying he hopes "to surpass Sinatra in everything he's done."

December 2, 1959
Bobby Darin appears on TV's "This Is Your Life."


January 3, 1960
Bobby Darin and Connie Francis sing together ("You're the Top") on the "Ed Sullivan Show."

March 7, 1960
This Is Darin album enters LP chart; will eventually reach #6.

June 1960
Bobby Darin debuts at the Copacabana; records Darin At The Copa LP June 15 - 16.

October 17, 1960
Darin At The Copa LP enters chart; will eventually reach #9.

December 1, 1960
Bobby Darin (age 24) marries actress Sandra Dee (age 19) at 3:00 a.m. at Don Kirshner's house.

December 1960
Bobby Darin appears (briefly) in his first movie, "Pepe."


January 31, 1961
"Bobby Darin And Friends" special airs on NBC.

August 9, 1961
"Come September," starring Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee, opens.

December 16, 1961
Son Dodd Mitchell Darin is born to Darin and Dee at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, Hollywood.


April 4, 1962
"State Fair," staring Darin, Pat Boone, and Ann-Margret, opens.

May 1962
Darin introduces "folk" segment into his act; accompanying himself on guitar on "Cottonfields" at the Copa.

July 1962
Darin signs with Capitol Records.

August 25, 1962
"Things" hits #3 on the Billboard charts.

September 19, 1962
"Pressure Point," starring Darin and Sidney Poitier, opens.

November 29, 1962
Darin guests on Bob Hope's TV special with Ethel Merman, Jack Benny.


February 1963
Darin purchases T.M. Music for $500,000.

March 23, 1963
"You're the Reason I'm Living," hits #3.

July 1963
Wayne Newton's "Danke Schoen," produced by Darin, enters chart.

October 1963
Darin announces decision to leave nightclub performing to devote more time to T.M. Music, movies; opens last Vegas performance October 24 at the Flamingo.

December 25, 1963
"Captain Newman, M.D." opens.

December 29, 1963
Darin guests on Judy Garland's TV show; performs folk material and duets with Garland.


February 24, 1964
Academy Awards nominations announced. Darin nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Captain Newman, M.D."

April 13, 1964
Academy Awards Ceremony held; Melvyn Douglas wins Best Supporting Actor Award.


March 24, 1965
Darin participates in demonstration protesting voting discrimination in Montgomery, Alabama (with Dick Gregory, Harry Belafonte, Peter, Paul & Mary).

August 25, 1965
"That Funny Feeling," the third and final Darin/Dee film, opens.


January 1966
Darin returns to nightclub performing after a 2 and a half year hiatus; appears at the Flamingo in Vegas.

March 7, 1966
Darin appears on TV's "Run For Your Life," in a pilot for a projected fall series, "It's A Sweet Life," (with Eve Arden).

April 1966
Darin returns to the Copa for the first time since May 1963.

August 12, 1966
Sandra Dee sues for divorce, asking for custody of Dodd (age 5).

August 15, 1966
Darin records "If I Were A Carpenter," in Los Angeles.

August 16, 1966
Darin appears with Richord Pryor (making his Vegas debut) at the Flamingo, Vegas.

October 8, 1966
"If I Were A Carpenter" enters Top 40.


March 7, 1967
Sandra Dee awarded a default divorce from Darin.

August 25, 1967
Darin performs at Princess Grace's annual Red Cross Gala in Monte Carlo.

October 4, 1967
Darin stars in Kraft Music Hall's "Give My REgards to Broadway," playing George M. Cohan.


January 10, 1968
Darin hosts Kraft Music Hall's "A Grand Night For Swinging."

May 1968
Darin campaigns for Robert F. Kennedy, who was running for President.

May 30, 1968
Darin is first performer at new San Francisco supper club, Mr. D's. Here he receives news that RFK has been shot, June 4.

June 8-9, 1968
Darin attends RFK memorial service i New Yrok, and funeral at Arlington Cemetary.

July 1968
Darin announces formation of his own label, Direction Records

August 1968
Commonwealth United Corp. buys Darin's T.M. Music.

October 30, 1968
Darin debuts new protest song, "Long Line Rider," at the Cocoanut Grove; changes from tuxedo to denim jacket mid-show.


January 2, 1969
Darin returns to Copacabana with a four-piece rock band; performs "Long Line Rider."

January 31, 1969
Darin prohibited from singing "Long Line Rider" on Jackie Gleason TV show; walks off set.

May 13-16, 1969
Sporting mustache, Darin plays Troubadour, L.A., with four-piece band; sings songs from Direction LPs and debuts "Simple Song Of Fredom."

July 16, 1969
"Bob" Darin appears at Bonanza, Las Vegas, performing protest material and "Simple Song Of Freedom" solo on guitar.

August 2, 1969
Tim Hardin's recording of "Simple Song Of Freedom" enters Billboard chart; will peak at #50.

October 2, 1969
"Bob" Darin makes TV debut; sings "Distractions" on Tom Jones' TV show.

December 2, 1969
"Bob" Darin plays Sahara i Las Vegas, turns down requests for "Mack the Knife."


May 1970
Darin takes out newspaper ads denouncing US. invasion of Cambodia.

May 12, 1970
At an anti-war demonstration, Darin addresses a crowd (of mostly USC students) at City Hall in Los Angeles. He announces "Phone for Peace," urges crowd to phone White House.

May 21, 1970
"Bobby" Darin back at the Landmark, Las Vegas; returns "Mack the Knife" to show.

June 17, 1970
Darin performs concert at London's Albert Hall.

July 27-31, 1970
Darin co-hosts on "The Mike Douglas Show."


February 6, 1971
Darin records Desert Inn act for a possible live album.

February 9, 1971
Darin enters hospital for heart operation.

April 1971
"Melodie," Darin's first single for Motown, released.

September 1, 1971
Darin performs for the first time since heart surgery, opening at Harrah's in Reno.

October 5 , 1971
Darin appears on TV's "Ironsides."


January 13, 1972
Darin sings "Mack the Knife," and "Simple Song Of Freedom" on "Flip Wilson Show."

February 7, 1972
Darin returns to Desert Inn, Las Vegas.

February 9, 1972
Darin appears on "Night Gallery."

July 27, 1972
"The Bobby Darin Amusement Company" debuts for seven-week run on NBC; Burt Reynolds, George Burns guest on debut.

August 1972
Darin performs concert in Central Park.

August 1972
Bobby Darin, first Motown LP, released.

November 1972
NBC announces that Darin's TV show will return in January.
"Happy," Darin's last single, released.


January 16, 1973
Plans for "Bobby Darin International Chess Classic" announced in New York; to be "richest chess tournament ever."

January 19, 1973
"The Bobby Darin Show" debuts on NBC.

April 3 , 1973
NBC announces cancellation of Darin's show.

April 27, 1973
Last of Darin's show airs; "concert" show with Peggy Lee.

June 25, 1973
Darin Marries Andrea Joy Yeager in Walnut Grove, California.

July 18, 1973
Darin opens at the Hilton, Las Vegas. His August 26 performance there will be his last concert.

August 1973
"Happy Mother's Day...Love, George," Darin's final film, opens.

December 11, 1973
Darin enters Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, L.A., to repair two artificial heart valves received in a previous operation.

December 20, 1973
After eight hours on operating table, Bobby Darin dies at the age of 37.


January 17, 1990
Bobby Darin inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

Bobby Darin inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame


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