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Bobby Darin
May 14, 1936 - December 20, 1973

Thank You!

This Special Commerative section could not have happened without a lot of people. Thank you to Jimmy Scalia and Patricia Zimmer for bringing the interviews of Steve Blauner and Harriet Wasser to fruition. Thank you to Steve Blauner, Harriet Wasser, Ruth Brown and Tony Orlando for their warmth and graciousness, as well as for taking the time out of their busy schedules to be interviewed especially for this section. Thank you to all who sent in Tributes!!

A special thank you to the talented Bridget Murphy for designing the 30th anniversary header graphic logo you see at the top of every page in this section.

Thanks to Donna Carter, Marilyn Brown, MaryAnn Brown, Jane Penny, Dik de Heer, and all the others who work tirelessly on the Bobby Darin site and/or contribute countless resources to make this the very best fan site on the Internet. As you poke around the site you will see how truly great their contributions are.

And an extra special and warm THANK YOU to webmaster extraordinaire Linda Johnson for her creative input and friendship, and for giving all of us Darinfans a home. And thank you to all the Darinfans everywhere for keeping Bobby Darin's memory and legacy alive.

Most of all, thank you to Bobby Darin for being the extraordinary talent he not only was but continues to be, and for bringing all of us together through his music, his acting, his songwriting, and his exceptional charisma, wit and great sense of fun!


-- Cath Hodson, Coordinator
30th Anniversary Section

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