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Bobby Darin
May 14, 1936 - December 20, 1973

Welcome to All!

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of Bobby Darin's passing, the Bobby Darin website has gathered together some special tributes from his friends, fans and inner circle to share their thoughts about Bobby Darin's special legacy. All who contributed were excited to speak of their love for Bobby and to recount the inspiration he had on their lives and careers. These special tributes are gathered together in the Friends and Fans sections.

There is also a Resources and Information section, which basically points or links to the incredible resources found on the Official Bobby Darin Fan Site. This is information that helps to set forth the chronology of events important to Bobby's superlative career and life.

If you are just beginning to realize the miracle that is Bobby Darin, welcome. You're among friends here.

It is our hope that the members of the press who visit this area will use this information to somehow commemorate Bobby's legacy through their newspapers, television stations and radio stations. Play his music! Write about or show how he is still an influence after all these years (note the Kevin Spacey film, "Beyond the Sea," now filming in Europe or the young singers who credit him as an influence, such as Clay Aiken, Michael Bublé and Peter Cincotti). Let the world know why he was so special, and how the resurgence of interest in his life and career is well deserved and long overdue. Everything you could possibly want to know about his life and career can be found on this website. And a whole lot more!

But most of all, explore the website that is dedicated to preserving Bobby Darin's life and legacy, and put together with great love, faith and tender loving care. The line forms on the right, babe!

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