Walden Robert Cassotto
May 14, 1936 - December 20, 1973

Bobby touched so many people's lives, personally and professionally. It's hard to believe how one person,
in such a short period of time, could have such an impact and long lasting effect on people.

This tribute gives us a glimpse of that impact. But it is this entire website that commemorates his whole life's work,
including the 2010 GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award, other GRAMMY and Golden Globe Awards,
an Oscar nomination and induction into both the Songwriters HOF and R&R HOF.
We hope it also celebrates who he was as person and what he meant to people.

We invite you not only to explore the links and pages here, but also this entire website.
And come to understand and remind us of the man he was ...

And now, we remember Bobby ......

As Long as I'm Singin'

Bobby Talks Music

With a jokingly-inspired title from friend Murray the K Kaufman's mother,
Bobby penned "Splish Splash" ... in the same evening!
The next week it was recorded and, as Bobby said,
"... it was the first hit that I would ever have and it was the introduction of me to the music scene."
Splish Splash

"Dream Lover" was recorded in March, 1959 and was produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.
The single went to #2 on the Billboard singles chart.
Even today it still endures and has become one of Darin's most popular songs.
Dream Lover

"When 'Beyond the Sea' was first published in 1946, it achieved many lush recordings:
Harry James, Benny Goodman, Mantovani and Percy Faith.
But they all treated the song with reverence, in slow ballad style. Then came along a brash, young singer
with a fresh, individual style. Bobby Darin, by adding an irresistible beat to the song, sent it on its way to stardom.
I am delighted to say 'Beyond the Sea' is one of my biggest performance songs today." ~ Jack Lawrence
Beyond the Sea

"Mack the Knife," would become Bobby's signature song and win him the 1959 "Record of the Year"
and the "Best New Artist" GRAMMY. It was #1 on the Billboard charts for nine weeks and
is one of the biggest selling records in history.
Nobody did it better!
Song and Artist of the Year

Bobby recorded Tim Hardin's "If I Were a Carpenter" in 1966. It was to be his last hit record
for Atlantic and reached #8 on Billboard's Top 100 Adult Contemporary Chart.
I Were a Carpenter

Producer Joel Dorn said, "Bobby wrote it ["Simple Song of Freedom"] about social conditions in the '60's
and, if you listen to the lyrics of this song, I think you'll agree that it's pretty applicable right now."

The demo for "Simple Song of Freedom" was recored on a tape recorder at Bobby's kitchen table.
It can be heard on
The Very Best of Bobby Darin - 1966-1969 CD.
Simple Song of Freedom

Hesh Wasser said of "Happy" it was "a collaboration between Bobby Darin and Bob Crew and it was like
a dream come true for me because it was his last record session, the Motown session.
I wanted that more than anything at that time. I figured ... I knew this person's not gonna record.
This is gonna be pretty much his last session. He was so sick."

This article was written by Hesh and published in the June 1973 issue of Hit Parade Songs and Stories Magazine.

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Remembering Bobby

Sandra Dee
Sandy Talks About Bobby
Bobby Talks About Sandy

Dodd Darin
He was charismatic, very funny and always lit up a room when entering.
Let's face it; he defined hip and cool for his era.
His sister once said that being around him was like a drug and that you needed more and more.

Andrea Yeager Darin
I noticed right away that Bobby was a very earthy person.
He drove a Renault, and he enjoyed spending time on a lake, if he had a boat,
or camping out. He was very warm, easy to be with.

Harriett "Hesh" Wasser
Bobby felt that if he was gonna do anything in life it was gonna be based on his talent.
And he couldn't think in terms of longevity.
He was only thinking of making his mark at the moment because he did
not know if he would live ten years. No one had the versatility of a Bobby Darin.

There are people who are this good, this exciting, this moving, that you just feel it in your bones.
You just say, hey, this person just has to make it.
I can't be the only one who sees this magical quality, but it is rare ... it is rare.
As Dodd said, "Thank you Hesh for believing in my dad before just about anyone did!

Steve Blauner
Having a super-talented artist who was as comfortable with rock 'n' roll,
folk, country, blues and jazz as he was with a standard, and who had the guts
to try it all, raised career concerns in my head; the manager simply
trying to do the right thing. Thank goodness he didn't listen.

Whatta Band!
Bobby Rozario, Tommy Amato, Billy McCubbin and Terry Kellman
"Bobby treated us like gold!"

Connie Frances
Bobby Darin was different --
dynamic, versatile, chock full of energy,
with a fierce determination I had never seen before.
I learned to adore him for all the reasons I always would --
his respect for the little guy, his sense of fairness, his intellect, candor,
and self-confidence, his brashness, toughness and sweet tenderness --
all the contrasts that made him so fascinating."

George Burns
Darin had the talent and the personal magnetism to become the dominant entertainer
of his generation. I knew you couldn't be that good unless you loved show business.
I loved Bobby. Bobby was like a son to me and I still miss him.

Ahmet Ertigan
I have a lot of wonderful memories of Bobby Darin. When I first saw him perform I thought, My God, you know,
he's got it in his blood. I mean there's no denying it. He became, not only a great singer, but a great showman.

Donald O'Connor
Bobby was really a great guy, he loved to have fun.
Sometimes he got a little over-tense, because he
wanted to be perfect, in everything that he did and in his singing
... and he was sure good.

Wayne Newton
Bobby was absolutely like the older brother I had always wanted.
He represented to me the epitome of what I considered a recording artist to be
... he was the most consummate talent I had ever known.

Gregory Peck
Bobby was already one of the great showmen and it certainly was no surprise to me that Bobby
could act and could bring the same exciting qualities to his acting that he had been bringing
to his singing and to his performances in clubs.

Andy Williams
Bobby Darin, I think, is one of the most talented, singer/songwriter, performers ... could've been a director.
He could do anything. I loved to have him on the show. He was on it as often as we could get
him to come on because he always lent so much. He gave so much to a show.
He decided to open up the Cocoanut Grove ... he knew a lot of movie stars and so many of the people in show
business appreciated his talent so, everybody showed up ... the list of people that were there was tremendous.

Bobby Rydell
I should like for all of Bobby's friends to know how indebted I am to him.
Not only has he been kind enough to give me hints on most of the aspects of show business,
he has also helped me in more practical ways by mentioning my name to important people who might never
had known I exist. This unselfish attitude from Bobby makes me admire him even more. He's just great!

Dion DiMucci
I first met Bobby Darin in 1958, the day we started our first tour together.
He took from the best, but when it came out, it was pure Darin.
He was an original. He was great to be around. I miss him.

Tony Orlando
No one could entertain you better than Bobby
... people would leave his show sensing not just a show,
not just a singer, but sensing a part of someone's life.

Sammy Davis Jr.
As told to Tony Orlando -- That's the only man I will not follow [on stage].
Sammy's Congratulatory Telegram: That's All LP

So Many More Remember Bobby

It was impossible to list everyone. We invite you to take a look at the two links below.
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His Fans Remember Him Too

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In music Darin always got me through my daily life as a young adult to where I am now.
He could pick me up, recharge me, mellow me all through the power of song which became the bookmarks of my life.
His determination through life's hurdles has taught me to cope and continue to plug away in my life.
On this December 20th I will have my playlist on DARIN and repeat all day.
I'll twist, rock, swing, sing and fall in love again with a guy who was not supposed to make it to 16.
The talent won out and the star still shines.
Your Archivist ~ Jimmy Scalia

Bobby Darin is, to this day, greatly admired and undeniably missed.
We are truly humbled ...
Your Webteam ~ Donna, Jane, Marilyn, MaryAnn & Patricia

Nobody did it all, the way Bobby Darin did.

The Curtain Falls

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