That's What Friends Are For

Interviews with Friends Who Knew Bobby Best!



February 22, 1974: Jim Stone of WLNZ radio interviewed Bob Crewe.
Mr. Crewe worked with Bobby in the studio shortly before Bobby's death,
producing Bobby's single "Happy" as well as assembling the Motown tribute LP
Darin 1936-1973. The interview is here.

March 19, 1996: A radio interview with Nik Venet. Among his remembrances,
he recalls a 1962 recording session for "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square"
and a touching story about "Simple Song of Freedom."

May 14, 1995: (Bobby's birthday) David Kenney's radio program Everything
Old Is New Again
on WBAI-FM featured interviews of Harriet Wasser,
Steve Blauner and Nik Venet.
It's a great program, but the files are large. It may be best to download them.

Harriet Wasser

More of Hesh

Steve Blauner

Nik Venet

June 12, 2000: Geoff Edwards interviewed Steve Blauner. It was especially interesting because both men were close friends of Bobby.
The interview is here.

September 11, 2000: Harriet Wasser Interview on
WOR-710AM's The Joey Reynolds Show.

2002: John Goldsmith, a Bobby Darin Fan, interviewed Geoff Edwards on
WGEL FM 101.7 (Greenville IL) for The Goldie's Oldies Show.
The interview is here. (Thank you John and Geoff!)

May, 2003: Steve Karmen, author of Me and Bobby D: A Memoir,
was interviewed by The Jordan Rich Show on WBZ 1030AM in Boston.
Listen to sound files here!

October, 2003: Jimmy Scalia, Official Darin Archivist, hosted a 30 episode
radio special. His special guests were Steve Blauner and Harriet Wasser
Listen to sound files here!

November 17, 2004: The Joey Reynolds Show featured Harriet Wasser,
Joel Dorn, David Evanier and Jimmy Scalia.
Listen to sound files here!

May 5, 2005: Roger Kellaway online interview.
(This "team" was very special.)
Read his insightful thoughts about Bobby here!

March 30, 2008: Beyond the Song Producers Jason Cilo and Henry Astor's
Q & A with Darinfans.
Read the questions and answers here!

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