Bobby Darin and Bobby Rydell

Jimmy Clanton, Bobby Rydell and Bobby Darin

50's and 60's teen idol Bobby Rydell said this about Bobby Darin in 16 Magazine in the early 1960's:

"I should like for all of Bobby's friends to know how indebted I am to him. Not only has he been kind enough to give me hints on most of the aspects of show business, he has also helped me in more practical ways by mentioning my name to important people who might never had known I exist. This unselfish attitude from Bobby makes me admire him even more. He's just great!"

In 1991, Rydell appeared on Sally Jesse Rapheal's talk show to surprise special guest Sandra Dee with his rendition of "That's All" in honor of Bobby Darin. Today Bobby (who recorded hits such as "Wild One" and "Volare") continues to perform in a very successful act "The Golden Boys" which co-stars his old friends Frankie Avalon and Fabian.

In his shows, he performs a true and honest tribute to Mr. Darin performing "Dream Lover," "Splish Splash" and "Mack the Knife." Included in the tribute are photos and he speaks of his friendship with BD. He tells of how Bobby went backstage before Bobby Rydell’s opening show at the Copa to wish him luck. At 19, Bobby Rydell was the youngest person ever to headline the Copa.

Bobby Rydell's tribute to Bobby Darin
Thank you to Linda Hoffman for this picture.

Dodd Congratulates Bobby's 2013 Las Vegas Concert

Bobby Rydell Presented with Snapping Fingers Lapel Pin

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