Bobby Darin and Tony Orlando

Orlando in his dressing room in Vegas in 1983

Singer Tony Orlando has always respected Bobby Darin. In a interview with WLAS TV in 1983, with Bobby's picture hanging on the wall in the background, Orlando spoke about Darin in his dressing room in Las Vegas. Tony said, that in Vegas, "the name of the game is one could entertain you better than Bobby.....people would leave his show sensing not just a show, not just a singer, but sensing a part of someones life."

When Tony was just starting his career in the 1960's, Orlando recalled, "meeting Bobby Darin for the first time....I sat with him for 2 hours, and he gave this 16 year old kid, a verbal lesson in show business that always stayed with me."

Tony and Bob Rozario(Bobbys former musical director)

When Bobby was not able to perform anymore because of illness in the fall of 1973,his band went on to work with Tony Orlando. Tony was always very proud of this,referring to Darin as "The Godfather". After Bobbys death, when Tony Orlando and Dawn won an American Music award in February of 1974, Tony did not forget his hero. He accepted the award in memory "of my idol, Bobby Darin."

Today, Tony is continuing to honor Bobbys memory by singing Darins songs in concert in his performances in Branson Mo. Seeing Orlando perform, Bobby Darins influence is very apparent. About Bobbys legacy, Orlando was quoted as saying, "He is remembered by people as being a great entertainer and I have a funny feeling that's all Bobby lived for."

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