"You remember the night with the pastrami sandwiches mom?" Vivi asked.

"I was just remembering," Nina said. "You see, one night about five years ago, before Bobby became famous, he was sitting around the house with a whole bunch of people--his entourage as they say...they were all sitting around. And they were very quiet. Because Bobby is in a mood, about his appetite, what he wants to eat of all things. And he's not talking, of course.

"And then all the sudden, Bobby jumps up from the chair where he's sitting and he says 'I know what I need to put me right. A Pastrami sandwich. How about it?' he says to the others, smiling now. And they all jump up too, and smile, too, and they say 'Yeah, a pastrami sandwich--just the thing!' And they're all just about at the door when Bobby stops and says. "Naw, pastramis not gonna do me any good.' And he goes and sits down again. And so do all the others.

"Till about ten minutes later. All of the sudden he jumps up and says 'Chop suey, that's what I want!' So, again, the others get all excited and they say, 'yeah that's it--Chop Suey!"...well to make a long story short, let me tell you when they got to the door Bobby decided he really didn't want Chop Suey, either, and so they all turned around and went to sit down again--and this went on and on I don't know how many times, until at one point Bobby yelled out 'Pizza!' as if he really meant it this time and the others cheered and said 'Pizza! Yeah That's swell!' --and finally, finally they all left."

Nina laughed heartily at the memory. And then she explained:

"Now this like I said was before Bobby got famous. So you can't say the other people--the entourage--hang around him and put up with those moods because they are getting paid for it or because they figured that no matter what Bobby decided to buy for himself he'd buy for them too. Bobby didn't have more than a few dollars to his name at the time. It was each man for himself. These people just enjoyed being around Bobby. And the moodier he was, the better a time they all seemed to have."

Bobby and a few of his friends
(Including Harriet Wasser, Judy Tannen, Dick & Ellen Lord,
JoAnn Campbell, Nina, Richard Behrke, Steve Karmen & Richard Wess)

There was a knock on the back door. Vana got up to see who it was. "Hello", she said, seeing a little girl, standing there. "Hello", said the little girl, "Is your Uncle Bobby home yet?" "Uh huh," said Vana. "Can I come into see him?", she asked. "He's asleep now," said Vana. "Oh", said the the little girl, excitedly. "That's the way I'd really like to see him. When he's asleep--"

Nina sighed and walked over to the door. "Sweetie," she said "you have a big brother , don't you? And does he like it if you walk into his room while he's sleeping to take a look at him?" "I never want to see him sleeping," said the little girl. "Well then," said Nina, ignoring her answer, "Bobby wouldn't like it either....why don't you come back later and take a look at him when he's awake. All right?" "All right," said the little girl, disappointed.

"Some of these kids," Nina said, sighing again, closing the door.

Bobby and a few of his fans

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