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"Help Me!"...(Please!)

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Thanks for all the nice letters about this site. It is great to know there are many other people who love and respect Mr. Darin as a artist and person as we do. We have enjoyed collecting on Bobby the past 26 years and finding things to add to the site. The main purpose of this site is to inform. If someone finds something here, that perhaps they did not know about Mr. Darin and goes away a more enlightened and inspired Darin fan, then we are happy. Bobby deserves to be remembered and if we can help his memory live on, this site has served its purpose.
However, we are having to ask for help. We can't do this all alone. We NEED more articles and pictures of Mr. Darin. If you have access to a scanner, any pictures would be most welcomed. You may send them to us in a email attachment (JPG format preferred). If you don't have a scanner, xerox copies would be fine. We will type up the articles and put them on the site. We will scan the xerox pictures and use them on the site. We really need your help, to keep this site growing.

We have been able to find some great Darin material on EBAY.COM on the Internet, as well as flea markets and record shows. EBAY is wonderful but sometimes in the heat of the moment we have lost out or just plain couldn't afford stuff, we really could use for the site. If you win anything on Ebay, we would appreciate a scan (preferably) or xerox of the picture(s) or a xerox of the article you may obtain. (We're not too proud to beg!) PLEASE help make this site grow! Thank you.

To contribute articles/pictures to this site, PLEASE CONTACT US !!

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