Bobby Darin

What's My Line? (1961)

Bobby as the Mystery Guest

On February 26, 1961, Bobby Darin appeared on the popular and long running weekly game show What's My Line? Bobby was the "Mystery Guest" that particular week.

Host John Charles Daly introduced the segment as regular panelists Bennett Cerf (founder and former President of Random House Publishing Co.), Arlene Francis (movie and stage actress) and Dorothy Kilgallen (newspaper columnist) along with guest panelist Joey Bishop ("Son of a gun!") put on their masks before Bobby entered the stage.

This was one of Bobby's game show appearances as "The King of Hearts" for the American Heart Association and he earned $50.00 for the Heart Fund.
A transcript of Bobby's appearance is below.

Audio: Click here for transcript of the show.

John Charles Daly: And now we come to the special feature of our program the appearance of our mystery celebrity, for which as the years have so often told you, the panel is always blindfolded ... Are the blindfolds in place, panel? (Cut to panel wearing blindfolds) Good. Will you enter mystery challenger and sign in please.

(Applause and cheers from audience. Bobby enters and signs his name on the famous blackboard, which in reality was not a blackboard at all, but a huge piece of black construction paper. Today these are highly collectible, as seen here. Bobby sits down next to Mr. Daly.)

JCD: Alright panel, as you know, in the case of our mystery guest, we go to a different form of questioning. You ask one question at a time in turn moving clockwise and we'll begin with Joey Bishop.

Joey Bishop: Are we safe to assume, from the applause, that you are in show business?

Bobby Darin: (Disguising voice) Well, I try to be ...

JCD: Miss Francis.

Arlene Francis: Are you in motion pictures?

Bobby Darin: (Disguising voice) Sometimes.

JCD: Mr. Cerf.

Bennett Cerf: Do you ever do any singing in the work that you do?

Bobby Darin: (Doing a GREAT Bing Crosby impression) Well, every once in a while I get a chance to blow out the pipes, a little bit yes ...

(Laughter from the audience)

JCD: Miss Kilgallen.

Dorothy Kilgallen: (Obviously stumped) Oh ... have ... golly! Have you a hit in the top forty, right now?

Bobby Darin: (Disguising voice) I gotta answer a yes to that, ma'am.

JCD: Mr. Bishop.

Joey Bishop: If your finger were sore tomorrow would you be out of work?

(Laughter from the panel and the audience)

Bobby Darin: (Disguising voice) I don't understand the question, sir.

Joey Bishop: Well, I have in mind a fella who snaps his finger (snapping fingers) and I thought maybe if his finger was sore he wouldn't be able to work tomorrow.

Bobby Darin: (Disguising voice) No, I'm not Frank Sinatra.

(Laughter from the audience)

JCD: One down and nine to go, Miss Francis.

Arlene Francis: Are you one of the new younger performers?

Bobby Darin: (Sounding a lot like Dean Martin) Well, I am flattered by that, lady, but I don't know that I'm one of the younger performers ...

Arlene Francis: You don't know whether you are ...

JCD: I would think we have to agree to a yes answer ... perennial youth you know, is one of the great legends of our time, we all believe in it ... Mr. Cerf.

Bennett Cerf: Are you at present starring in one of the nightclubs in New York?

Bobby Darin: Yes sir.

Bennett Cerf: Are you Bobby Darin?

Bobby Darin: Yes sir.

(Applause and cheers from the audience)

Joey Bishop: (Snapping fingers) I think I should of gotten a "yes" answer there, John!

(Laughter from Bobby, the panel and the audience)

JCD: Well, we were begging the issue because I suppose in that comptemporary terms "Mack the Knife" is as well known a record as the whole history of making records has ever produced ... but we thought, Joey, it would give too much away.

Dorothy Kilgallen: Not just "Mack the Knife" it's everything ... Joey was right!

Bobby Darin: (Smiling) Oh no, I don't snap fingers on ballads, Dorothy.

Dorothy Kilgallen: You sure do, honey, you sure do!

(Laughter from Bobby and John, from the panel and the audience)

Joey Bishop: You snap fingers when you can't get a table in a club!

(Laughter from Bobby and John, the panel and the audience)

JCD: I must say, I thought that Bobby's take-off of Bing was excellent.

Dorothy Kilgallen: Marvelous, yes ... it absolutely silenced me, completely.

JCD: This is the thing ... you could see Dorothy's face, but, the panel, the rest of the panel ... it just hit Dorothy right between the eyes ... she stopped for a minute and listened again ...

Bobby Darin: (Laughing) I might have to use it.

Joey Bishop: He has another big, very big hit out ... "Up a Lazy River."

Bobby Darin: Thank you.

Dorothy Kilgallen: (Snapping) Very snap fingers ...

Bobby Darin: I didn't snap once.

Dorothy Kilgallen: Oh, come on!

JCD: Next week, we will have a one hour program ... a documentary (Bobby laughs) ... on whether fingers should be snapped ... but one thing I wanna do if I may Bobby ... (turning over money cards) ...

Dorothy Kilgallen: Oh, please he needs it, honey!

(Laughter from the panel and the audience)

Bobby Darin: (To Dorothy, smiling) Are you from the Internal Revenue?

JCD: Bobby needs it particularly tonight because he's "King of Hearts" in the current Heart Fund drive and this is all going to the Heart Fund, so we flipped all the cards over.

Bobby Darin: That's why I need it.

Bennett Cerf: Bobby, did you bring your bride with you tonight?

Bobby Darin: No, I did not. (Bennett pouts) She's at home watching the show.

Joey Bishop: John, for 50 dollars you can't expect the whole family to show up!

(The audience and Bobby laughs and applauds)

JCD: I must say it's good to find out ... you're a young man, and if I may take the advantage of my years, I will. It's good to find a young man of your years as interested in the heart fund drive as you are. Because as you know its an interest that runs the whole gamut of society and age makes no difference, and you, I think in becoming "King of Hearts" of this drive, give a lot of impetus to it, that it needs, and congratulations ...

Bobby Darin: Thank you, John, and if I can raise a few dollars, you know, just with the use of my name, I feel, you know, happy about it.

JCD: I'm sure you WILL raise a few dollars just with the use of your name ...

Joey Bishop: John, you mentioned nightclubs, but I don't think you said he was at the Copacabana.

JCD: Did we mention ...?

Joey Bishop: You just said nightclubs ...

Bobby Darin: I can't mention it ...

JCD: There has been a dreadful omission which we will correct right now! No, Bobby's at the Copacabana, but he's got so many things going that if we started ..

Bobby Darin: Oh, no ... the most important thing was the fifty dollars for the Heart Fund. Thank you for the plug, Joey. I appreciate it. Thank you.

JCD: And that did it. Thanks very much Bobby, nice to have had you with us.

Bobby Darin: Thank you.

The audience applauds. Bobby gets up and shakes hands with John Charles Daly and exits the stage, shaking hands with the panel as he leaves.

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