Bobby Darin and Richard Behrke

Bobby's first band, ca.1951, Catskills, NY. L-R: Eddie O'Casio, Keyboards and saxophone;
Steve Carmen, vocals; Bobby Cassotto, drums; Dick Behrke, trumpet; Walter Raim, guitar.
(This picture appeared in the booklet which accompanied
the Darin CD box set which was released from Rhino in 1995.)

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Bobby Darin and Richard Behrke attended The Bronx High School of Science together. This began a long loyal friendship. They were in a band together and went on to attend Hunter College. While at Hunter in 1953, they also shared an apartment in New York during lean and hungry times.

Later on, Behrke became Bobby's conductor and arranger. Richard's outstanding work can be heard on the Darin At The Copa LP and on the Atco singles "Artificial Flowers" and "Lazy River." Dick was also Bobby's best man when he married Sandra Dee in 1960. Bobby demonstated his deep loyalty and generousity by giving Richard and his wife a car for their wedding anniversary.

Here is a quote about Bobby that Richard gave to 16 Magazine in the early 1960's:

"I've known Bobby for about ten years. We went through the bitter, lean years together, and I've watched him grow not only as a fine talent but as a person. All during our years together, Bobby has never lost faith in his work and himself as a man. When the odds were heaviest, he worked the hardest. Bobby is a fascinating and interesting guy. He is strong, sensitive, and bright-- and has a brilliant sense of humor. He isn't shallow or phoney. He's an extremely complicated person and it takes time to really get to know him. But when you do, you'll find he's one of the greatest guys alive."

Dodd Darin stated in his book, Dream Lovers; that later on Behrke "would forge an impressive career in music as a musician, a conductor, and award-winning creator of music for commercials." A loyal friend to Bobby until the end, Richard flew from New York to be with his friend in California during his final hours on December 20,1973. This devotion to Bobby and their Alma Mater of Bronx Science was very evident when he was in attendance of "The Bobby Darin Award" ceremony held at the school on May 14th, 1999.

Richard Behrke; May 14, 1999

Picture of Richard Behrke courtesy of Jimmy Scalia.

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