Bobby Darin

Some of These Days




      Some of these days

      You’re gonna miss me, baby (Aw … play it, lips!)

      Some of these days

      You’ll feel so lonely.


      You’re gonna miss my huggin’

      You’ll miss my kissin’

      You may even miss me, baby

      When I’m gone away.


      You’re gonna feel lonely

      And want me only

      ‘cause you know, honey

      Kinda always had your way.


      Say baby if ya leave me, oh yes oh yes …

      You know it’s gonna grieve me

      You’re gonna miss your boney little daddy

      ‘cause one of these … YEAH!


      Said some of these days ( Aw … do it, Sophie!)

      You’re gonna miss me honey, huh …

      And I’m talkin’ about da-a-ays

      When you feel all lonely.


      You’re gonna miss my huggin’

      You’re gonna miss my kissin’

      You may even miss me, honey

      When I’m long gone away …


      I hope you feel lonely

      And want me only

      ‘cause you know lover

      Ya always had your way.


      And if-a you-a-a leave me

      You know it’s gonna grie-ee-ee-ve me

      You’ll miss-a your brown-eyed daddy (Grab it now!)

      Some of these daaaaa-ays …



Lyrics transcribed by Jane Penny & Donna Carter
From: “Darin at the Copa”

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