Bobby Darin and Tommy Amato

Tommy Amato, 1970

The multi-talented Tommy Amato was born in Detroit. His family moved to Nashville when he was 10 years old. At the age of 18 he moved to Las Vegas.

Tommy began playing the drums in Bobby Darin's band in 1969 on the LP Commitment. He was able to show off his many talents with Bobby. He played drums, guitar and harmonica in Bobby's band. He was seen drumming for Bobby on The Darin Invasion.

Amato on The Darin Invasion, 1970.

Tommy also traveled with Bobby and appeared on the LP Live: At the Desert Inn."

Audio: Bobby introducing Tommy on Live: At the Desert Inn

Bobby and Tommy were close friends. They wrote two songs together. "Something in Her Love" appeared on the Motown LP Bobby Darin in 1972, and "Another Song On My Mind" which was released after Bobby's death, on the Darin: 1936-73 album.

Amato was featured as Manny the bongo player behind Bobby's character "Dusty John Dustin" on "The Bobby Darin Amusement Company" and "The Bobby Darin Show." He also continued to back Bobby up with his electrifying drumming.

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Manny (Tommy) on the bongos and playing the drums on Bobby's NBC show

Tommy on the drums during Bobby's appearance on The Midnight Special, 1973.

When Bobby was too ill to continue performing, Tommy and the rest of the band went on to work with Tony Orlando. He also played drums for The Allman Brothers and recorded with Tina Turner. Currently, he has his own band, The Tommy Amato Band in Las Vegas. He and Berry Abernathy, who played the bass in Bobby's band, along with Mike Montano and Matt Sullivan offer live music for weddings, private and corporate events. It is live music at its best.


Tommy and "Billy Mac" in 2010.

From Dodd Darin:
Don’t tell anybody but back in the day I remember thinking Tommy Amato was the coolest cat around; even more cool than my Dad! My dad knew Tommy was immensely gifted musically and he still is. What a treat to see his beautiful and talented daughter Christina proves true the old adage “ the apple don’t fall far from the tree”. My Dad always loved sharing and encouraging new young talent so I know he’d get a kick out of the piece you’re about to see.

Thank you Christina and Tommy! Love and blessings. Dodd

Tommy Remembers Bobby's 80th Birthday

Thank you, Tommy!
(Video courtesy of Jimmy Scalia)

More about Tommy here!

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