Art Vargas

Vegas Entertainer & Darin Fan

Art Vargas

From a press release for Art Vargas

As a child, Vegas entertainer Art Vargas had a strong attraction to the music and movies of the "GOLDEN ERA" ... the 1940's and the 50's. "It was the excitement, vibrance, style and romance of these films that intrigued me ... I felt the emotion of the music," he has said. Naturally singing since the age of twelve, Art developed a hobby of collecting "old" records of various artists and spent much of his listening and learning alone.

Performances soon followed at neighborhood social clubs in his hometown, Detroit where a young Vargas sang and danced as he emulated such great stars as Sinatra, Johnny Ray, Gene Kelly and Bobby Darin. A self-taught singer, performer, admiring the greats taught Vargas much about performance. His energy, talent, and enthusiasm also led him to other areas of entertainment. Modeling, dancing, acting, radio and television work, but singing would always remain his personal love and drive.

Shortly after Vargas hit the nightclub scene in Detroit he was noticed by a representative of "Legends In Concert" and was asked to audition and in 1987 was "hired on the spot" ... He was ready!" I felt the experience of performing on a showroom stage in the entertainment capital of the world would be very valuable education and vital for my growth." It was! Vargas was a hit as one of the main principals and remained with the show for almost 8 years. Soon it was time to move on and continue growing and developing as an individual entertainer. There was too much inside to be "let loose" so Art left the show, put his own band together and hit the club club/lounge circuit once again.

Vargas's love for the classics combined with his own unique outstanding appeal and commanding stage presence has made this young performer a popular favorite with night club and show room audiences as well as a regular on the Las Vegas Strip. He's the ultimate in Deja Vu, complete in 1940's-50's styled suits. Vargas's tremendous vocals and versatility allow him to dance and perform his way through a wide range of popular songs from this wonderful era.

Art is a very big admirer of Bobby Darin's work and has done tributes to him in his shows. Darin's friends and former band members Tommy Amato and Terry Kellman are also close friend's of Art's and feel Art has the same magic Bobby had in his performances.


"Vargas is dynamite!" (Fun & Gaming Reno, NV)

"He's slick, alluring and funny, an all around entertainer." (The Windsor Star)

"Vargas, admirably, a finger-snapping, smooth entertainer." (Variety)

"He swivels, gyrates, twists and finger-pops his way across the stage through sneering
renditions of songs from popular periods of American music." (The Detroit News)

"You've got the magic, everyone was watching you." (Bobby Vinton)

"You have something above and beyond other entertainers, stay with it." ( Dion Dimucci
of Dion & The Blemonts

"Great show!" (Dick Clark)

Tommy Amato & Art

Art & Tony Orlando

Art says, "Here's Tony Orlando clowin' with me backstage in Vegas after one of my Bobby Tribute shows. Tony said, 'I must kiss your ring, after that show!' He loved Bobby so much, shared great stories on how Bobby gave him the band when he was dying, how Bobby was his manager in the 60s when he first started recording, etc, etc. He also supported me doing tributes to Bobby and keeping his songs alive, great guy."

Thank you, Art, for sharing this photo with Darin fans.

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