Bobby Darin

"Whatta Band!!"

     "I would say nine out of ten of my record dates are fun
to be at ... I would hope that the musicians
that play on those things, would have the same
feelings ... good times and not just another gig ..."

--- Bobby Darin, 1966

"Whatta B-A-N-D!!"

     Below are Bobby Darin recording sessions compiled
with listings of the musicians that played on the
recording dates. Please note that Bobby had many
more recording sessions. These are only listings of the
ones with the session players that we were able to find.

Special thanks to Donna Carter for her submissions below.

(The picture of Bobby is in the studio, 1962.)

Musicians listed on Commitment LP liner notes for the Direction label included: Berry Chapman and Quitman Dennis (bass), Joey Lemon and Bubba Poythress (guitars), Larry Devers and Tommy Amato (drums) and Billy Aikens (piano).

Live at the Desert Inn band members included Quitman Dennis, conductor and bass man; Billy Aikens on piano, Terry Kellman on guitar and Tommy Amato on drums.

Members of the "Whatta Band" in the above audio included Terry Kellman, Bill "Billy Mac" McCubbin, Robert "Rosie" Rozario, and Tommy "Safely Tucked" Amato.

Trombonist Dick "Slyde" Hyde, who is mentioned on the Mack Is Back DVD was a member of the Eddie Karam band.

If you have anything to add to this tribute to the musicians, please email us.


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