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GREAT Links to Bobby's Fans

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    Tony Butala: Tony Butala - Under Tony's leadership the Lettermen (along with Bob Engemann and Jim Pike) had their first success with "The Way You Look Tonight." Tony
    also hosted the Time/Life "Legendary Voices" with Bobby prominently mentioned.

    Don Most: Don, "Ralph Malph," on Happy Days is a BIG Bobby fan. Check
    out his Facebook page, listen to his "Mack" and maybe leave him a nice note.
    (Thanks to Lorraine Tillett for this information.)

    Larry King: Bobby was Larry's first celebrity interview.
    (Thanks to Shiying for this photo of Bobby & Larry.)

    Burton Cummings: (Former lead singer/songwriter for The Guess Who) During
    a January, 2014 concert, he spoke about Bobby saying, "I want to play a song by the GREAT Robert Cassotto who became the very talented Bobby Darin." Then sang "Mack the Knife." (Thanks to, John Eland, for this information.)

    Hugh Jackman: He ended his November 2011 one-man Broadway show "Hugh Jackman-Back on Broadway" with a rousing performance of Bobby's "Mack the Knife."

    Ron Lan'Gel: "Look Out! Ol' Bobby's Back!"

    Danny McVey: "Swing That Tune Mr. Darin!"

    Betsy Hale: Former child actress, co-starred with Bobby in Wagon Train.

    Lucille Ball: Lucy was a big BD fan. Her favorite LP was Darin at the Copa.

    Brian Setzer: He wrote a wonderful tribute to Bobby in the As Long as
    I'm Singing
    CD box set. His website is here.

    Darin Ames: Liza Minnelli says it best: “How could his parents have possibly known when they named him after Bobby Darin, that he would turn out to be today’s most talented young singer of timeless standards?"

    Congressman José E. Serrano: Besides being a big Darin fan, Congressman Serrano represents the neighborhood in which Mr. Darin attended school. He
    also attended Bobby's Alma Maters P.S 43 and Clark Junior High School after Bobby did. Serrano was the member of Congress that was able to get Frank Sinatra the Congressional Gold Medal. (Hey, maybe he can do the same for Bobby!)

    Art Vargas, Vegas Entertainer: Art has performed tributes to Bobby in
    many of his shows. His website is here.

    Stan Edwards-A Living Tribute to Bobby Darin: Stan & Harriet Wasser
    collaborated on this show.

    Michael Andrew: For the past 15 years, Michael has made his living by performing
    the music of Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra and other great singers from the 40s, 50s and 60s.
    He is also a songwriter and has written original material, mostly for his band SWINGERHEAD,
    which is based in Orlando, Florida. Swingerhead pays tribute to Darin in their concerts -
    and Michael believes Bobby was the greatest singer - ever!

    David Campbell: The Swing Sessions CD, released through Sony BMG,
    features "Mack the Knife" and "Beyond the Sea." His website is here.

    Max Allan Collins-Author, Filmmaker: A Tribute to Bobby Darin.

GREAT Links to Bobby's Friends

- Check out these websites -
Bobby and Peggy Lee
Mr. Darin and Miss Lee performing on the last NBC Bobby Darin Show.

    Nancy Sinatra: She has a nice picture of herself with Bobby on her site.

    Judy Garland: Bobby guest starred on her variety show in 1963.

    Liza Minnelli: Liza and Bobby peformed together on the Kraft Music Hall Special,
    "Give My Regards to Broadway" in 1967. She was frequently seen in
    the audience at his concerts.

Bobby and Liza
Liza Minnelli & Bobby

    Bobby Rydell: Bobby has great respect for Bobby and continues to include
    a tribute to him in his show. His website is here.

    Dion Dimucci: Another Bronx-born entertainer, Dion recorded "Dream Lover."
    He recalled many good memories of Bobby in his book Dion: The Wanderer Talks Truth.

    Connie Stevens: Connie was a good friend of Bobby's. She talks about him
    on the newly released The Bobby Darin Show DVD set.

    Petula Clark: In 1967, Bobby and Petula appeared together on the TV special,
    Rodgers and Hart Today.

    Frankie Avalon: A good friend who Bobby admired greatly.

    Tony Orlando: Bobby was Tony's hero!

    Tim Hardin: Bobby recorded several of Tim's songs.

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